Must Know All About the new UAV-Lite in Free Fire OB26 Update

Garena free fire Game developers continue to introduce new events and new features every month and in the process retain players in the Battle Royal game by adding free rewards and new items. In this article know about the new UAV-Lite in Free Fire OB26 Update.

New UAV-Lite in the Free Fire OB26 Update

In many social media posts, Free fire Has introduced this new feature. According to speculation, the new UAV-Lite Battle will be available in Royal Mode.

Once the players are captured, it can scan for nearby enemies. In addition, Vietnamese servers have UAV vending machines as well as loot available in official patch notes. Players can acquire this drone very easily, and use it to their advantage.

New UAV-Lite Free Fire can be effective for gameplay, especially in the later stages of the game. By determining the exact locations of enemies, players can plan attacks or strategies to deal with the situation.

About Dynamic Duo system in Free Fire OB26 Update

You can claim free rewards by updating the game before 9 February. Can receive 2 Diamond Royal Vouchers and 2 Weapon Royal Vouchers.

Update the game from 18:00 IST on February 4 to 3:59 IST on February 4 to win rewards. You can get them from the in-game events section.

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