Battle tags in Free Fire : How to get Battle tags in Free Fire Full Detail

Battle Tags in Free Fire: Battle Royal style games have grown extensively on mobile platforms, and Free fire, PUBG Mobile And games like COD Mobile have gathered a lot of player base, and it remains at the top of all games.

Free fire  developers regularly include a variety of events and other features that distinguish the game from others in its genre. And the players like the game.

Earlier this month, Free Fire OB26 Update  brought many new changes to the game, including new weapons, a revised training ground, a dynamic duo system, and more.

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Battle Tags OB26 update Are one of the aspects introduced in Free Fire. Many users do not know How to get Battle Tags in Free Fire.

How to get Battle Tags in Free Fire

Users can get Battle Tags in Free Fire based on their performance in matches. They must complete a certain number of specific missions to unlock related tags. Also, there are three different types of each Battle Tag.

They are displayed on a player’s profile and are seen by others when they visit their profile.

The following list of tags and the missions that players have to complete in order to achieve them.

How to get Free Rewards from Cobra Go Event in Free Fire

Eliminate opponents from far away.

Finish opponents before serving.

Eliminate opponents and survive until the end of the game.

Overrun opponents; but did not survive to the end

Best pal
Support teammates by helping them.

Survive to the end with as little fighting as possible.

Calm and collected, occupying superior areas.

Walk around and look for opportunities to fight.

Therefore; to get the above mentioned Battle Tags, users must complete specific missions. When doing so, they can equip these tags to be displayed on their profile.

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In order to equip Battle Tags the players should  follow these steps: –

1 First, they have to open the Free Fire game and tap on the profile section in the upper-left corner.

2 After that, players have to tap on the edit icon.

3 They can click on the ‘Styles’ tab and choose any tag that they want to display.

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