Battlegrounds Mobile india download link and Free UC

How to get Battlegrounds Mobile India Free UC ? Entire detail for Battlegrounds Mobile india download link, battlegrounds mobile india apk download; Battlegrounds Mobile India Free UC .

Battlegrounds Mobile India Free UC: Battlegrounds Mobile india The early access (beta version) of the game has been released, and with the game’s official launch nearing, fans want to play the game on their mobiles as soon as possible. And beta versions of the game aren’t for everyone.

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As soon as the beta tester PUBG Mobile Tried his hand at other Indian versions of , he found many similarities between the two. Like “Finished” which will appear when you kill. And there will be a slight difference of using the word “end” instead of ‘in-game warnings’ etc. Also there is no blood effect. Green effect and yellow effect will be seen in this.

“In-game progress and purchases will be stored and made available in the final version of the game.”

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Beta version official Download APK Link

This means that players can make in-game purchases in the beta version, and all of them will be migrated to the official version.

This has encouraged many players to buy UC (in-game currency) in-game.

How to get UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

To buy UC in Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), players can follow these steps:-

1 – First the players have to open the game.

 2 – After opening the game, players need to search for the UC icon in the top right corner of the lobby screen.

3 – A new menu will appear on it where they can buy UC by selecting the amount as per their wish and tapping on it.

 4 – A menu with “Payment Method” will appear, and the user has to fill in the required details and complete the purchase.

After the transaction is completed, the UC will be added to the players account.

       That’s how you will get UC in Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)

Here is a list of options to buy UC in the Stores section of Battlegrounds Mobile India:-

  • ₹89 – 60UC
  • ₹449 – 300UC + 25UC
  • ₹899 – 600UC + 60UC
  • ₹2,199 – 1,500UC + 300UC
  • ₹4,499 3,000UC + 850UC
  • ₹8,900 – 6,000UC + 2,100UC

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