Best and Safe Spots in Free Fire Bermuda Map to Land

Free fire Battle Royal has emerged as one of the most loved titles of the genre. The game has received several awards, including the Mobile Game of the Year at the E-Sports Awards 2020. Like other games of its genre, Free fire Is quite competitive, and the players aim to be the best among their peers. Landing spots are one of the most important factors that determine the performance and outcome of players in a Battle Royal match. Thus in today article ” Best and Safe Spots in Free Fire Bermuda Map to Land” we will discuss the same.

Safest Landing Spot with More Loot on the Free Fire’s Bermuda Map

At present, Free fire Provides users with three different maps: Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory Many players look for the safest landing locations on the Bermuda map to increase their chances of surviving longer and winning games.

Mars Electric

Mars Electric is one of the best places for users. Here; players will be able to get a sufficient amount of high-level loot which will be enough for their entire squad.

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However, as this location is located at the bottom of the map, players should also be mindful of the play zone.


Plantation is one of the safest places where Free fire players can land on the map of Bermuda. Players are likely to encounter only a few enemies while landing here.

This location provides users with a fair amount of weapons and loot, which gives them Booyah !!! Assists to achieve.

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Sentosa is another relatively safe place on the Bermuda map. Users will be able to purchase a wide variety of devices and high level loot. In addition; one must be vigilant for players who are blocking the bridge, as they are required to cross a bridge to reach the main island.

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