Top 5 Best Pets in Free Fire in 2021 for Clash Squad Mode

Free Fire Pets has an important role in it. Each of the pets in the Battle Royal game has a special ability that affects the gameplay and helps players during the match. In today’s article we will share “Top 5 Best Pets in Free Fire in 2021 for Clash Squad Mode”

Learn about some of the best pets in Free Fire that help players in the game.

Top 5 Best Free Fire pets for Clash Squad mode

Spirit fox’s

Spirit Fox’s Ability helps the player gain additional HP by using medits. At its level level, it restores an additional 4HP when the player uses a health pack.

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When Level 7 of the Pets is maximized, this ability restores an additional 10HP when the player uses a health pack.

Rockie’s –  Best Pets in Free Fire with Stay chill Ability.

The Ability of Rockie is called Stay Chill. At its default level, it can reduce the Colddown time of equipped active skills by 6%. Once this Pets max out Level 7, it can reduce the Colddown Time of Active Ability by 15%.

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This is a very useful ability for players who use active ability characters such as DJ Alok, Chrono and K in Clash Squad mode.

Detective Panda’s –  Best Pets in Free Fire  With most aggressive abilities.

Detective Panda’s ability allows Detective Panda’s to restore 4HP after killing a player. When the highest level is maximized, 10 HP will be restored each time the player is killed.

It is one of the most aggressive abilities in Free Fire and can be beneficial in Clash Squad mode.

Ottero’s – Best in Free Fire with Double Blubber

Ottero has a great potential known as the Double Blubber. Using this ability, players can restore EPs when they are using a treatment gun or med kit. The recovered amount of EP is 35% of restored HP. At Level 7 of the Pets, the amount of converted EPS increases to 65%.

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Ottero’s EP Restoration ability may offer the necessary enhancements that players need during short and intense battles in Clash Squad mode.

Poring’s – Best Pets in Free Fire with Stitch and Patch ability.

Poring has a useful capability called Stitch and Patch. This ability increases 1 helmet and armor durability every 3 seconds.

Poring is ideal for players who practice a more aggressive style of gameplay in Clash Squad mode, as the pets compensate for damage that the player incurs during the fight.

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