Top Best Sniper Rifles in Free Fire in 2021 must read

Free fire Battle Royal is one of the most popular games in the genre of games on the mobile platform. The game has many weapons and its weapons have many weaknesses. However, not all of them are great for long distances.

Free fire Has three sniper rifles for successful long-range combat: AWM, Kar98K, and M82B

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Top 3 Best Sniper Rifles in Free Fire in 2021


Free fire The Kar98K is one of the most balanced sniper rifles in the world, and comes pre-equipped with an 8x scope. It can also compete with AWM in body-shot damage percentage. Its damage rate is 90 and its range is 84, which is a very remarkable statistic.

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However, Kar98k cannot actually execute the target in a single hit due to its low headshot damage.

AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum)

Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) This rifle Free fire The range and accuracy figures are 91 and 90. It has the same damage rate as other free fire sniper weapons, but it also has a covert headshot bonus damage along with high damage.

In long-range combat, with 8x already equipped can be fatal. The only drawback of AWM is that it can only be found in airdrops.


The M82B is a very possible and strong weapon in free fire. It packs a lot of strength, and is a powerful shotgun due to its many unique abilities. It has a range of 90 damage and 85. In addition to dealing with basic damage, additional damage to glow walls and vehicles can be dealt with.

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The M82B has another special skill; It can pierce a shield. The gun may also provide additional body-shot damage to targets with armor.

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