Bullet Royal Enfield Classic 350 Weight, mileage, colors & BS6 price detail

Hi! friends it a complete unbiased review of the Bullet Royal Enfield Classic 350. We will share the complete information; the one what you must know if you are planing to buy Bullet Royal Enfield Classic. This post will cover the full detail of weight, mileage, colors, BS6 Price, and on road prices in metros like, Kolkata, Mubmai and Delhi.

Youngsters love the Bullet in Punjab; thus we will share Royal Enfield Classic 350 prices at Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Amritsar.

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So, lets start with the post, Bullet Royal Enfield Classic 350 Weight, Mileage, Colors, BS6 Price

Change is frightening, especially to those in power. And today is a massive, massive day for the Indian motorcycle scene because today a legend passes into the past. This motorcycle has dominated premium bike sales for 12 straight years, the Classic 350. Can you imagine Royal Enfield’s challenge? To upgrade, update and replace the most vital ingredient in the brand’s success story, a sea change in the one area that really matters, the one that determines survival, success and profit, sale. And that’s what happens today, ladies and gentlemen, presenting, the most crucial bike Royal Enfield has ever made, tes, ever.

The new, all new, bullet royal enfield classic 350. If you were expecting a sea change, let’s understand a few things first. Mark Wells, head of product strategy and industrial design, Royal Enfield, put it succinctly. His brief for the new Classic, a full five years ago,was, for god’s sake, don’t screw it up. And in sum, that is the challenge of making a new motorcycle when your current one does excellent sales, because the formula is working. And as you know, it’s not a great  idea to fix what’s not broken. So what’s changed? From the perspective of the last Classic 350 a whole heck of a lot.

Bullet Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review

From the Meteor, not a lot. You see the Meteor was developed along with the Classic 350, that’s a no brainer to me. Deploying the Meteor first  was also an automatic good idea. If things went badly, Royal Enfield would still have their primary product unblemished, and some more time to sort things out before this day right arrived, if needed. I could say that this is their good fortune but that would be derogatory to all the hard work that Royal Enfield’s teams have done on this engine.

Because the Meteor, it turns out,  that’s pretty awesome. This J series engine, it’s a tireless performer, has a great turn of torque, clever gearing and it’s reliable enough to silence critics to boot and that is the engine that’s now going in to the Classic 350.

Mileage of royal enfield classic 350 and its weight

Before jumping to the Royal Enfield Classic 350cc Mileage understand the changes in the engine.

The only changes, says Royal Enfield, are polished engine cases and minor fueling and ignition tweaks,

to make the Classic more retro, in fact. I was baffled by this until I rode it, because it is different. The Classic 350’s engine feels more reserved, slightly slower to respond, but like it has more authority rather than it’s gotten lazy, it’s beautiful at low speeds and high gears. But, there is a difference. The new Classic 350 is a little bit mellower, a little calmer than the energetic Meteor. But that aside, not a whole lot has changed from the Meteor to this because top speed is a claimed 115 kilometres  an hour, 15 seconds to a 100. Mileage of royal enfield classic 350 is 35 to 37 km/l.

And the royal enfield classic 350 curb weight is 192 to 195 kg. the weight is roughly the same as the old Classic 350.

Classic 350 Vs old Classic 350

Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Bullet 350 

In fact, if I weren’t such a huge change  magnet, I would actually be impressed by how close this Classic 350 is to  the old Classic 350 in many ways. That engine goes into a frame that’s just like the Meteor’s. The big changes are to the suspension which has been retuned in terms of damping. The front forks are 41mm units, and there’ 10 mm more travel at the back. The brakes are the same, but the wheels are new. The bottom version gets spoke wheels with tube tires and the sole single channel ABS trim. Smaller but important changes improve great feel, cornering clearance and a one size jumping tyres from the old Classic also brings more grip and confidence to the motorcycle.

Classic 350 is a confident motorcycle

Like the Meteor, the Classic 350 is a confident motorcycle, retro in nature, but not shy in corners, and how have they done that? Well, you sit a little bit ahead of where you used to on the old motorcycle, that puts a little bit more weight on the front end about 2%, the steering angle, the rake, is one degree less than the Meteor roughly, the handlebar’s lower and closer.

What that means is, to you the motorcycle will feel a little bit heavier to steer but it’s also more considered, it’s also more predictable and you will be surprised because that frame can corner really really hard and now it’s got the ground clearance to do it with. On the other side, the new suspension gives it a beautifully settled ride quality, although I have to say it is on the stiff side, but bumps are handled really well and what’s most impressive, is this feeling of all pervasive solidity, as if nothing could happen to this motorcycle.

 Genuine opinion royal enfield classic 350 black and red

The result of all this is easy to see. You get everywhere faster  than the old Classic 350 ever could and this happens easily and naturally, which is why, good brakes, which the new bike also has are important. However, I would have wanted a slightly stronger bike. But what is important, is that, this motorcycle should feel strongly like the Classic 350; we remember and know so well, that fans and buyers can natively see the continuity in what this motorcycle represents and honestly, it does that, it’s just like the old Classic 350, but fresher, stronger, livelier, and vastly more responsive, which to me, is a job well done, but tell me what you  think in the comments.

Design and the Features of Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6 and Prices

Lets discuss the design and the features, let’s take on the latter first. I have good news, and I have bad news. Good news, the Classic 350, finally,  12 years after it began, has a fuel gauge.I know, hilarious and welcome.The top models of the Classic 350 also get the navigation system, the Tripper, as standard. Royal Enfield says that they did want all the Classic 350s to have that system, but unfortunately the chip shortage  happened, what to do only. The bad news is that, that’s it for the features added to the new Classic 350. There are no riding modes here and there’s no Snapdragon processor either. But honestly, a retro bike with 115 kilometres an hour top speed, doesn’t really need it.

In terms of design

Royal Enfield’s teams had a hard task, because the classic is a known shape,so the new bike has been heavily tweaked. It looks cleaner, more finished, more proportionate, technically, this is an all new design; but walk 10 steps away and it looks exactly like the old one and that’s not an accident, but the upgrade in the finish levels and attention to detail is unmistakable.
They’ve even updated the unsightly web of mudguards stays that I’ve always thought were a total and utter eye sore. I also think, the rear fender especially in single seat mode looks a little bit too large and I insist that retro bikes don’t have to have headlight bulbs, they can have powerful LEDs instead.

Well, at least the accessory catalogue is massive, featuring a lower seat, windscreen and a plethora of alloy wheel options. Well, the Classic 350 is  surprisingly surprise free, especially if you’ve ridden the old  Classic 350 as well as the new Meteor. It looks like the former, but better and it goes like the latter and it’s happy.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6 price at Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Amritsar are in the range between ‎₹1,84,374.00 to ₹2,15,118.00  

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