Full Detail & Download Apex Legends Mobile APK Beta Download


Full Detail & Download Apex Legends Mobile APK Beta Download: Another new game is about to be added to the Battle Royal mobile game. Apex Legends Mobile is the name. The mobile version of Apex Legends was recently announced by EA (Electronic Arts) and Respawn Entertainment.

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Pre-registration for the game has started and players can register on the Google Play Store to pre-register. The game is only available for Android device players.

The beta version of Apex Legends Mobile will be available on iOS devices in the future.

Apex Legends Mobile APK Beta Download

Beta Download of Apex Legends Mobile is available to a few thousand players from India and the Philippines. Gradually; developers will test it and take the game to more areas around the world.

The game’s controls will be tailored to touch-screen mobiles. The developers also assured that Apex Legends Mobile will remain true to its core. Unfortunately; the game will not support cross-platform gameplay.

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As described on the Google Play Store; multiplayer shooter games will feature fast-paced matches. Players can team up to 3 players; and participate in Battle Royal matches. Each match will have 20 squads; resulting in a total of 60 players.

Players can pick their pick from a collection of legends that Apex Legends Mobile Provides. Even players have the option to change the appearance of their character using the different skin offered by the game.

So; for what you are waiting for ? 

Download Apex Legends Mobile APK Beta Download

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