All About Dynamic Duo system in Free Fire OB26 Update


Know About Dynamic Duo system in Free Fire: The Duo system has been implemented in many online games. Free fire In addition to the Duo system for players, as well as many more features have been included in the OB26 update.

Players using this feature will receive several special rewards and bonuses in the game, including skins, badges, missions.

Dynamic Duo System in Free Fire

The feature will be available on February 4 with the OB26 update. To use this feature, players must give 100 diamonds to send a request to another player.

That player needs to be accepted within 8 hours or the request will be withdrawn. You can only make 1 request at a time.

Read About Dynamic Duo system in Free Fire OB26 Update

When the other person accepts, the two of you will become a couple with a relationship badge and many other other rewards. There will also be a connection point system with rewards.

These points can be earned by playing together or by giving gifts to each other. Players can get a total of 500 Affinity Points per week. On your anniversary day, you will get double the rewards.

All the players of the match will be able to see your relationship at badge and level, which may not be a very good thing as other players can be jealous and focus on you.

Like a real-life relationship, you can break up a relationship if both players agree to do so and it won’t cost anything. You cannot send another connection request within the first 48 hours after breaking up.

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