FAUji Mobile Game: Know How to level up in FAUG Mobile Game

FAUji Mobile Game: FAU-G has already become very popular since its release on January 26, 2021.  Fearless and United Guards ( FAUG ) is developed by nCore Games, a Bangalore-based company headed by Dayanidhi MG. The title is an action game based on real events in the Galwan Valley.

This game was first announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar on September 4, 2020 through his social media account. Since then, players have been eagerly awaiting the official launch.

FAUJI Mobile Game Download Link: How to download FAU-G Mobile Game update

The game recorded 1M + downloads within just 24 hours, and many professional players have also praised the game.

Currently, only Campaign Mode is available in the Fauji game. In the coming days, “5V5 Team Deathmatch” and “Free For All” mode will come.

Honor Road in Fauji Mobile game / FAU-G Mobile Game The Honor Road is basically the level of rewards. Whenever a player’s level is sub, they will be rewarded in the game.

How to increase level in FAUJI Mobile game?

1 Download the game.

2 Then open the game.

3 Click on Play on the main screen.

4 Select the game mode.

5 Click on “START” and play the game. The more a player completes their mission, the more experience they gain, thereby increasing their level.

FAUG Game modes, FAUG Game currency and all you need to know

After playing the game, players can check their level. Click on the profile at the top of the main screen, and then players can check their level in “Honor Road”.

Players will get different skin of weapons and character costume from “Honor Road”.

In addition, it will also provide them with silver coins that can be used to purchase other skins and characters from “ARSENAL” in the game store. Players can find all the weapons and character skins here.

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