Fortnite Season 6 : Know How To Level Fast In Season 6 of Fortnite

Know How To Level Fast In Season 6 of Fortnite :  With the new season coming; players are in a rush to maximize their battle to unlock all the illuminated skin variants for this season at Fortnite.

While XP Peace can be a daunting task; Epic Games has comparatively made it easier to quickly level up in Fortnite Season 6 with a myriad of ways that players can earn XP in the game.

Battle Passes have additional V-Bucks at various levels.

This can be considered as an additional bonus for players; who choose to maximize your Battle Pass in Fortnite Season 6.

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Fortnite Season 6 : level up yourself fast in Fortnite Season 6

Best ways to Fast level up in Fortnite Season 6


People who have been playing Fortnite long enough; they will know that the longer the player survives in Fortnite Season 6; the more XP they will earn.

If a player survives for a long time; then it makes sense that they will eliminate some weathering; which can even earn some XP.

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Surviving longer while eliminating enemy players simultaneously will allow players to earn a decent amount of XP; which in turn allows them to help in increasing the level faster in Fortnite.

Xp coins

Completing the full set of XP coins for this season; 15 XP coins a week have finally made the island.

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As part of the Week 15 XP Coins; 5000 all have four Green Coins, three Blue Coins worth 6500 XP, two Purple Coins priced at 10,300 XP, and an Orange Coin priced at 15,000 XP.

Collecting 15 XP coins all these weeks can help players with a good portion of XP, which helps them maximize their Battle Pass.

In addition to Week 15 XP coins, XP coins from previous weeks can also be found on the island, provided players have not collected them before.

Complete all the challenges

Epic games Fortnite Season 6 come up with an entirely new challenge. These challenges come in a variety of rarities, ranging from the unusual to the legendary and offer a lot of XP, which can help players quickly level up in Fortnite.

Most of these challenges are simple, such as digging a gnome, or cutting a stone. However; there are some challenges such as dealing damage with pistols or SMGs that depend on the loot players encounter in a game.

Either way; complete all challenges. It will prove to be beneficial for the players who are increasing the level fast in Fortninte.

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