Free Cobra Guardian Backpack skin in Free Fire Know how to get it?

Free Cobra Guardian Backpack skin: Garena free fire  developers regularly add several new events to the game that help keep the game new and exciting. They have always been rich for players as they provide a lot of special free rewards.

A few days ago; the developers updated the ‘Project Cobra’ calendar; and more events are going on before that. Many free rewards have been made available there; including many themed rewards such as backpack skin, bundles, and more.

How to get Free Rewards from Cobra Go Event in Free Fire

Chance to Get Free Cobra Guardian backpack skin in Free Fire

Players can get new other Cobra-themed backpack skin for free as a special check-in rewards. Free Cobra Guardian Backpack skin in Free Fire check the event.

Project Cobra Check-In event Started from 21 February and will ends on 5 March. Players must log in for seven days during the entire duration of the event to receive rewards.

Therefore, they have enough time to get all the rewards.

FF rewards code for today : Free Fire Redeem code foe today i.e 21st Feb

Players must manually collect login rewards from the events section.

For this, they can follow these steps: –

Click on the icon of the event (calendar) and click on the “Project Cobra 27/2” tab.

Select the Cobra Check-In section and press the claim button with the corresponding rewards to get them.

In addition, many more other events allow players to claim several special items for free.

They can obtain other Cobra sidekick bundles and Sleero surfboard skin by collecting the required number of Cobra Coins.

Free Fire Diamond Royale से 10000 हीरे कैसे प्राप्त करें

At the same time; players can only obtain the new Shirou character by logging in between 27 February and 28 February.

Free Rewards Received During This Event: – including Free Cobra Guardian Backpack skin in Free Fire

  • 1 Day Log in – Bounty Token Play Card (7 days)
  • 3 Days Log in – Pet Food
  • Log in 5 days – x500 Universal Fragment
  • Log in 7 days – Cobra Guardian

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