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Free Fire Diamond hack .com  | free fire diamond hack com | free fire diamond hack generator | free fire diamond hack application

You might be searching for Garena FF Diamond generator or top up hack, in this post we will share very use full details regarding Free Fire Diamond hack .com and Free Fire diamond hack application. At a same time we will share how the free fire diamond hack generator works.

Free Fire Diamond hack  .com and Generator for Free Free Fire Diamond Hack 99,999 Tricks?

In this post we will share Free Fire Diamonds Top up 99,999 hacks or tricks. As many gamers and free fire lovers want to know about the same. in our previous post there were lot of request in comment section for free diamond in free fire. Thus we are writing the post “Free Fire Diamond hack .com – Free Fire Diamond hack Generator Free”

Here we will discuss the simple tricks for Free Fire redeem codes and diamonds; by using the same you will get free 9999 free fire diamonds for free.

Topics in Free Fire Diamond hack Generator Free 

  1. How to get FF Garena Diamons without hack ? Free Free Fire Diamond Hack 99,999 Tricks. Learn about Free Fire Diamon generator script.
  2. Free Fire Diamond hack .com and FF Top-up Hack APK
  3. Airdrop bundle in Free Fire

Please note in this post we are sharing all the legal and legit tricks to get free fire diamond top ups and this post doe not affect any one. No financial loss to developer if readers and players use the methods of Free Fire Diamond hack Generator Free .

Points to be followed for Free Fire Diamond hack Generator Free 

Players need to follow the instructions discussed in this post to earn free money or points to pay for Garena Free Fire Diamonds Free top ups. These methods are legit and genuine to get diamonds for free in FF Garena. If you will read the article carefully you will learn lot about unlimited Free Fire Diamond Tricks and cracks. If you are really interested to know how to use Free Fire Diamond hack .com you can also search in google search bar.

For Garena Free Fire unlimited Diamond Hack and New Tricks in 2021 Scroll down.

You being a player must be knowing that Free Fire game is having a in game currency .i.e Free Fire Diamond. Players can use the Free Fire Diamond to purchase and upgrade characters, costume, guns and weapons, Pets & Skins etc. You can do so by exchanging the Free Fire Diamonds and Free Fire Store.In order to buy any thing you have to top up the Free Fire Diamonds with cash.  You can purchase for Free Fire Diamond top up using free fire app. There you will get different bundles and qty of diamonds for different prices.

Except In Gaming Store you Can Top up your Diamonds from other official sites.

If you want to know how to get free fire free diamonds thaen its literally next to impossible. But here we are going to share some beautiful hacks using the same free fire diamond hack generator you can even get 99,999 diamonds absolutely free. These methods are legit.

Free Fire Diamond hack .com and  other methods 

Those who wants to get free fire diamonds topu up free they should learn all below mentioned methods.

  1. Promotional offer at Google Play Store
  2. Topup offer of FF Garena
  3. Earing using online methods
  4.  Hacking tool for diamonds in 2021
  5. Latest Diamonds generator script.

Free Fire Airdrop Bundle Offer To Hack FF Diamond Top Up

Disclaimer : We are not sharing any illegal methods here all the tricks and hacks discussed are cent percent legit and can be freely use to get free fire free diamonds.

Air drops are special offer given by Garena Free Fire 

In this type of offer you can get free diamonds, emotes, various gun skins and upto 90% discounts. There is very high chances of getting diamonds in very low prices. Its a limited period offer for few players only. So keep checking the lobby of your game.  You can purchase diamonds from 10 Rs to 100Rs. Different bundle and qty are available.

How To Get Diamonds From Bundle Offer InGarena Free Fire ?

  1. Go to  Free Fire Game
  2. Click on Diamon top up offer.
  3. You will be redirected to another page where you can purchase the airdrop bundle offer.
  4. After selecting payment mode click tab to continue.
  5. Enter all the specific detail required.
  6. Veryfiy your account using google account and finger print.
  7. Now verify it you complete the payment
  8. After payment confirmation you will be redirected to Garena Free Fire main page.
  9. Now diamond will be credited in your account now.

Google Play Redeem Code / Promotional Offer For Free Fire Diamond hack 

You can get Rs.140 free credits using google play redeem code / promotional offer to get 140 rs and use the same to get free Diamond top up in ff garena game play. This offer is applicable for specific periods for specific players.

How to get Rs140 promotional Offer of Google Play Store ?

  1. Go to Play Store
  2. use your Google Account to log in
  3. Click 3 line navigation menu at left side
  4. Press notification option
  5. 140 Rs offer availability will be visible there.
  6. Click to claim 140 Rs offer subject to availability .
  7. On activating the Rs140 promotional Offer, Google Pay Credit in your account
  8. Now go to  Free Fire thereafter choose diamonds top-up value of this offer
  9.  Rs140 promotional Offer will be applied at time of payment .
  10. After completing the payment you can enjoy Free Diamonds of Garena Free Fire
Free Fire 99999 Diamonds Hack ideas of Free Fire Diamond hack .com

As many players are searching for 99999 Diamonds Hack ideas of Free Fire Diamond hack, here we are sharing few tricks in this article you will learn those tricks to get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire, using this Free Fire unlimited Diamond tricks that will help you to earn real money which you can use to get Free Fire Diamond topups. Further to this we will cover the question asked by many players .i.e how to hack free fire diamonds 99,999?

All the Free Fire Diamond Hack shared here are Legit.

First Free Fire 99999 Diamonds Hack

  1. Times Prime Refer
  2. Offer of Google Play Credits For Unlimited Diamonds Hack 

Important point : TimesPrime is providing Rs.1 per refer now.

On subsribing Timeprime, Google One 6 months subscription is what you will get, in which Rs.300 Google Play credits will be provided only.  Thus go with another trick.

Tricks to Get Times Prime Subscription

Use this legit refer and earn  trick to get free diamonds without the hack.

You need to Install Times Prime App and use TimesPrime Referral Code GN7PTIB8 to get Rs.100 on subscription.

  1. Install Times Prime App
  2. On installing the App now register on Times Prime
  3. Choose and subscribe Times Prime premium for 1 year.
  4. Rs.100 discount will be given on Times Prime Premium
  5. Now you need to pay  Rs.899 to subscribe TimesPrime.
  6. on subscribing TimesPrime, you will get Google One 6 months voucher for free.
  7. Now use this voucher smartly  to subscribe to Google One there after you will get Rs.300 free Google Play Credits.
  8. Rs.300 free Google Play Credits can be used in Free Fire Diamonds top up.
  9. on the other hand earn Paytm cash by referring your friends.
    • Rs.700 per reference after they subscribe to Times Prime membership.
  10. Now this referral money in your Paytm can be used to buy Google Play Recharge Code & use to buy Free Fire Diamonds.

All together in this offer you are getting the benefit of Rs.100 OFF on subscription, absolutely Free Diamonds Top-up worth Rs.300 using Google Play Redeem Code & Rs.700 per refer in your paytm. For refering 10 friends,  you will earn Rs.4000, This amount can be use for Free Fire Diamond Top Up.

7 Best Ways To Hack Free Fire Diamonds

Those who are looking for Free Fire Diamond hack Generator Free then those player are wrong. Generating Diamond free for Free Fire or hacking is not possible. Garena has a very high cyber security system to protect their servers. The easiest way to get diamonds in free fire is to do topup using real money. Yes you can get unlimited Free Fire Daimond topups using various hack and tricks by earning redeem codes, referal points or cash using online platforms.

In this article we will share Free Fire Diamond hack Generator absolutely free.

1. By Obtaining Free Fire Membership

Getting FF Premium Membership is one of the best tricks to get free unlimited diamonds daily. 2 Types of membership are there in free fire.

First Weekly Membership @₹159

Second – A Monthly Membership Plan @ ₹599.

Premium members will get 60 diamonds on daily basis for a week . In total 420 diamonds what you will get in this weekly membership plan.

You can get Free Fire weekly premium membership free; for that scroll and read the full article.

For free premium weekly membership of Free Fire you need to follow the below mentioned steps.
  • Go to FF Garena Game Site.
  • Choose and click to premium membership which you want to go for.
  • Now tab on the purchase icon and confirm your payment.
  • Now Premium Membership of Free Fire will be activated shortly.
2. Other survey method on online

Various legit and trustworthy sites are there, they pay either redeem points or cash for survey and referal bonuses asre also the part of these. Such examples are Google task mate, crownit survey etc. Using crownit survey these methods one can earn upto maximum 500Rs. In Google Task Mate app you can earn money online doing short tasks. These money can be transfered into bank or paytm. From where you can use to buy Free Fire Diamond top up

3. Streaming Platform like Booyah App

By using Booyah app you can watch and also do live streaming using well known streaming platforms like youtube, Instagram and Facebook in this app. Booyah app is developed by Garena. This app is absolutely free and players can enjoy chat and watch others game play as well.

If you use this app to watch live Free Fire tournament. Then there is high chances of getting free fire diamonds for free.

4.  App like Digital Showroom

Its an online merchant application well known for ecoomerce.  chances of  getting unlimited diamonds for free using refer & earn offer of Digital Showroom App’s. You will get 10 rs – 100 rs on joining and for each refernece you will get Rs10. This refer scheme of Digital showroom is ultimate option which you can use as Free Fire Diamond hack Generator Free.

Steps to follow to earn money from Digital showroom app for unlimited Free Fire diamond
  1. Need to install Digital Showroom App first from Google Play Store
  2. Now start the app, and create a new account id  & verify your mobile number in this app.
  3. After online store & bank account verification to receive a payment.
  4. On adding any product to  store, you will get instantly a scratch card.
  5. Now visit the rewards section and apply the scratch card. The amount will be instantly credited to your bank account.
  6. From refer & earn section, start sharing your referral link with your friend and relatives & earn unlimited rewards.
  7. These rewards can be used to buy Google Play Redeem Card or you can buy  Free Fire Diamonds for free Directly.

5. Get 100% Free Fire diamond top-up bonus offer from

Game is an official site of Garena for diamond top-up for Free Fire. In you can easily topup free fire diamonds, there are various scheme and bonuses available which you can check there. Likes for first-time top up you will get 2x Diamonds bonus and cash back schemes are also there.

6. Use Free Fire Advance Server for Free Diamonds bonus

Its like a beta server, here players play the new game play and new features which are in pipeline for launching. And report to garena for any glitch or bugs. Than Garena offer a rewards for the same. And in rewards players can get diamonds and free fire free redeem codes. Its among one of the best Free Fire Diamond hack Generator Free and legit tricks.

7. In-game Event of Free Fire

Every year there are lot of events conducted in the game. Like Holi event, Xmas event, winter events etc. In this events players get the chance to win lot of diamonds and topups for free. These events offer bundles as well, Free Fire Diamond hack .com or Free Fire Diamond hack Generator Free tricks are not required to get diamonds from these events.

How to get Free Fire Diamonds for Free in FF Garena Game play?

As we know the importance of Free Fire Diamonds in FF Garena game play, thus we are sharing the few awesome tricks, these Free Fire Diamond hack Generator Free tricks will help you to get unlimited free fire diamonds in game. You can buy new characters, pets and skins and new weapons easily.

Below methods are for generating unlimitted Free Fire Diamonds

Use of Free Fire Redeem Codes

Those who dont want to spend real money for buying diamonds should go with this option. Free Fire Redeem codes are also used to top up diamonds in game. You can get these codes in Free Fire Redeem codes website. These codes can be easily reedem for coins and diamonds.

Step wise details for Free Fire Redeem codes detail.

1.  To redeem the Free Fire Redeem code you need to visit the official free fire redemption site.

2. There log in to your account.

3. After login code redemption icon will appear.

4. it will automatically set the region as per your registration.

5. Now put the redeem code.

6.  Success message will be shown.

7. On successful redemption of Free Fire Redeem code visit the game vault.

8. Now you will get diamonds in your game account.

9. You can buy any ingame items from instore as per diamond value using these diamonds.

Just remember following points regarding Free Fire Redeem Codes

Codes are valid only once. and its region and time specific. Visit here to get the Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes.

The best and sure shot method is Google Play Opinion Reward

To avail Google Play Opinion Reward benefits and earn money you need to do small survey. Its really a great way by which players can get free credits and utilise the same to purchase diamonds top up in Free Fire. Now dont wait download the appand complete the basic formalities.

How to purchase diamonds using google play credits ?

1.Visit Free Fire app.

2. Click on diamond icon on top menu.

3. Now pop-ups will come.

4. The payment will be completed using the google play credit balance.

5. Once the purchase transaction is successful, you will get the diamonds.

Use can use these diamonds to buy items you like in gmae.
How To get 50,000 Free Fire Diamond Top Up ?

It not easy task, dont waste your time. Free Fire 99999 diamond generator, 50,000 Diamonds Top-up hack all are making fool. Please ignore those sites. Your account may be permanetly ban by Garena.

What is Free Fire Diamond Generator Hack Tool

Free Fire Diamon generator script is also called Free Fire Diamond Generator Hack tool, multiple programming languages is used to hack the server system of Garena to get Free Fire unlimited Diamond for Free. This is an illegal activity, These types of tools are fake, please dont use it and keep your self away from this. To generate Free Fire Diamonds there is no such app.

What is Free Fire unlimited Diamonds Hack Script ?

Using this script one can generate unlimited Free Fire cracking the Free Fire gateway system. This is an illegal method please be aware that cracking, hacking is a crimnal and punishable offence, so always be away from it.

Frequently Asked Qusetions?
Q1:- Does Free Fire Diamond Hack Really Work?

No you cant hack free fire, you can use above method to earn diamonds for free.

Q2:- Can I hack Free Fire Diamonds 99999? How to get Free Fire Diamonds For Free?  

You can not hack Free Fire to get 99999 Diamons. You should not even try for its its illegal. More over you cant get free diamonds untill and unless some one sponsor you with money.

Q4:- What does free fire diamond do in free fire?  

Its a website which claim to generate  Free Fire Diamond, we donto confirm this site as I tried many times but have not got the same.

Q5:-  Is Free Fire Diamond Hack 50,000 real ?

Its not real, please don’t try this.


Hacking is a illegal activity, here in post “Free Fire Diamond hack .com” we have shared the best legit way to earn online so that you can buy Free Fire Diamond top up for free.

To Summarise : 

There are lot of legit way to get free unlimited Free Fire Diamonds top up. Never get misguided by sites which are making false claims. Free Fire Diamond hack Generator Free is not possible, you can use some tricks to earn money, rewards, bonus online and in turn using that amount you can buy Free Fire Diamonds in a legit way.

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