Free Fire M79 Midnight Mafia Gun Skin know full detail


M79 Midnight Mafia Gun Skin: Free fire Gun skin is one of the best systems in the world, players are able to improve their weapons by equipping different types of skin.

The most popular way is that you can get any skin from the Weapon Royale section. And Garena has just introduced a new skin called M79 Midnight Mafia.

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M79 Midnight Mafia Gun Skin in Free Fire

This is the first Weapon Royale for the M79 in a long time. M79 Midnight Mafia Weapon Royale Gun Skin Will be available for 15 days, with the usual 40 diamonds for one spin and 400 diamonds for 11 spins. The M79 ‘Flaming Temper’ is the sole reward of this Weapon Royal.

This is the two best bonuses for the Skin M79 – Damage and Ammo. While the Grenade Launcher is already one of the most dangerous weapons in the game, it has more damage. However, the best bonus is + Ammo.

Typically, an M79 can only be shot once before reloading. But now you can shoot twice instead, which makes the gun more dangerous.

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Movement speed is not that much but its speed can be increased easily – this is a good price to pay for high damage and Ammo counts.

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