Free Fire Mysterious Crate Event : Know how to get bundle


Free Fire Mysterious Crate Event: Free fire Has a large collection of bundles for players to obtain items. You can buy these bundles from in-game stores or you can get them for free in the game or from an event at a very low price.

recently Free fire Has introduced a new event called Mysterious Crate to give players exclusive bundles.

Free Fire Mysterious Crate Event

You can use from 30 diamonds to 600 diamonds to unlock the crate. For every 30 diamonds, you get 5% of receiving one of the Grand Rewards. If you spend 600 diamonds, you have a chance to get a grand prize.

After getting the reward, that bundle will be taken out so that you will not get the same bundle again the next time.

Basically, if you spend 3000 Diamonds, you will be able to get 100% of all Grand Rewards. Apart from grand rewards, there are other small rewards such as emotes, Diamond Vouchers, backpack skins, gun box, etc.

For Free Fire Mysterious Crate Event Follow these steps to participate in:

  • Free fire players to tab on the ‘Event’ icon to the left of the main lobby.
  • Select the ‘Mysterious Crate’ tab and tap on the Go To button.
  • Select the number of diamonds you want to spend and tap the unlock button on the crate.

This Free Fire Mysterious Crate Event includes a total of 5 Grand Rewards, including 5 bundles: –

  • Street thug bundle
  • Night bandit bundle
  • Midnight Gangster Bundle
  • Midnight mafia
  • Surgeon Bloodlust bundle

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