Free Fire New Bundle : Full Detail About Star Gazer Bundle in Free Fire

Free Fire New Bundle Star gazer bundle: The Free fire new cosmetic items and bundles are often added by the developer. These items can be obtained through various in-game events; such as completing a set of Challenges or participating in Lucky Royal Spins.

Star gazer bundle is one of the few items; the new one was added to the Lucky Royal section of free fire .

How to get the Star Gazer Bundle in Free Fire ?

As stated before, Star gazer bundle is one of the newest bundles in free Fire. It will be available until 16 April in the Diamond Royal section.

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The following items have been included in Star gazer bundle.

  • 1. Star Gazer (Top)
  • 2. Star Gazer (Bottom)
  • 3. Star Gazer (Shoes)
  • 4. Star Gazer (Head)

Players should ensure that they have enough diamonds for the Lucky Royal spin. They need to follow the steps as given below to get Star Gazer Bundl

   1. Players should open the Free Fire game and wait for the default menu screen to open.

2. Then they should tap on the Lucky Royal icon on the left side of the screen

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3. After that; players have to select the Diamond Royal section on the left corner of the screen.

4. There will be two spin options on the screen. It takes 60 diamonds in one spin; while 600 diamonds will have to be given in 11 spins.

5.  Players are required to spin until they receive a Star Gazer bundle from the prize pool.

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