Free Fire OB26 Advance Server: New Pet ‘Drakinho’ added

Free Fire OB26 Advance Server Players who have received the code in the player can test other and new features in the update. According to some popular sources, a new character has been added to the Character section, a new training ground, a new weapon and a new PET have also been included in this update. New Drakinho pet added in Free Fire OB26 Advance Server.

New Drakinho pet in Free Fire OB26 Advance Server

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Free Fire OB26 Advance Server The new pat introduced in the K pat section is known as Drakinho; and has great potential to deliver to players.

New Drakinho pet‘s ability

At Level 1 of Drakinho at passive capacity; the boss can use an enemy within 10 meters.

The capacity lasts for about three seconds.

As Drakinho upgrades, its capacity will also increase significantly.

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Overall, this skill is not very useful when enemies flee after a shelling;  as players need to know where they go. Since the scope of capacity is very limited, it will be very difficult to find them for only 30 meters players at maximum level.

Not to mention, this ability requires that enemies use a Meditech, and this usually only happens when they are at a safe distance from the player’s position.

Finally, it is highly doubtful that Drakinho Pet’s ability will be beneficial until it is upgraded and buffered to the official release version.

Drakinho has another skin that will be available when players upgrade it to the next level.

In addition to the Drakinho pet, the OB26 update has a plethora of new features, modes, and characters.

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