Release date of Free Fire OB26 update and what are its features?

Free Fire OB26 update release date: Garena free fire One of the most popular Battle Royal games on the mobile platform. Its popularity can be attributed to developers; who frequently update new features in the game with regular updates.

The game’s latest update, OB25, was released back in December.  As we know Free Fire OB26 Advance Server Was recently rolled out, giving players the opportunity to test a series of new features before being introduced into the game.

Know about Free Fire OB26 update release date

Free Fire OB26 The update is expected to be released on 5 February 2020.

The game’s server will be down for maintenance for a few hours that day.

As always, players will receive some rewards for updating the game within a specific timeframe.

Free Fire OB26 Advance Server Some new features are expected to be added to the game. Which is as follows: –

Training mode and Gloo wall training

In Advanced Server, the developers of Free Fire modified the existing training mode. Players were also provided with glue wall training, so that they could practice and learn about the use of glue walls before applying them in a match.

New Characters in Free Fire OB26

Two new characters, Shirou and Mystery Character, were present in the Free Fire OB26 Advance Server and are expected to be included in the new update.

Shirou in Free Fire OB26 – Free Fire New Character

Free Fire New Character, Shirou character in free fire OB26 claims a passive capacity called damage delivery. At Level 1, when the player is hit by an enemy within 50 meters, it will be marked for three seconds.

The first shot at the marked opponent has an additional armor penetration of 10%. It has a 60 second colddown.

Mystery Character in Free Fire OB26

The Mystery Character in free fire OB26 has an active ability called Riptide Rhythm. The ability to damage five glow walls within 20 meters at the base level can amplify a sound wave. Each Glue Walls deployed will increase the player’s HP recovery, beginning with 2 points.

MAG 7 / Free Fire Ob26 will feature New gun MAG7

Possibly a new gun named MAG 7 Free fire Will be added to. Knife throwing facilities are also expected to be added to the game.

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