Free Rewards in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 Winner Pass

Free Rewards in PUBG Mobile Lite, have a lot of these game items such as skin, costume, cosmetics and more in its collection. Users desire such special items and look for ways to obtain them. In today article “Free Rewards in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 Winner Pass ” we will share all free rewards which you can get.

Winner Pass (WP) : This Battle Royal features a Tier-based Rewards System, a ranking system in which players have to purchase free rewards and certain items with a Winner Pass. And players receive many attractive in-game items and other rewards.

The game’s developers introduce a new winner pass every month. On March 1, the Season 22 Winner Pass has begun, and players have the opportunity to receive several items. There are two payment variants nearby – Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus – which cost 280 BC and 800 BC.

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In addition to the free version, PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 Winner Pass offers players several free rewards.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 Winner Pass: All Free Rewards

  • 1. WP Rank 1: 500 BP
  • 2. WP Rank 2: 50 Silver
  • 3. WP Rank 3: 2x EXP Card: 1-Hour
  • 4. WP Rank 5: Swashbuckler Boots
  • 5. WP Rank 7: 2x BP Card: 1-Hour
  • 6. WP Rank 9: 65 Silver
  • 7. WP Rank 10: Mission Card
  • 8. WP Rank 12: 65 Silver
  • 9. WP Rank 14: 2x EXP Card: 1-Hour
  • 10. WP Rank 15: Swashbuckler Bottom
  • 11. WP Rank 17: 120 Silver

How to Upgrade Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite

In order to upgrade the Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite, players can follow these steps: –

Step 1 Players can first open the game and click on the “WP” icon on the right side of the screen.

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Step 2 After that players have to tap on the “Upgrade Pass” option and choose any version.

Step 3 A dialog box will pop-up, asking players to confirm the purchase. They can click on “ok”.

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