Full Emotes List in Valheim: Full Detail About All Valheim Emotes

Valheim Emotes List: Valheim, The game offers players seven different emotes in multiplayer mode.

Emotes are very easy to use in Valheim and can be executed at any point in the game.

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Valheim One of the things a player needs to do in order to use an emote is to type the code for the respective emote they wish to perform.

Valheim’s immersive world-mechanics and visual aspects give players a different survival sandbox-experience. However the game currently has only seven emotes.

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Valheim Emotes List

Valheim game has seven emots available that players can use in Valheim: –

Thumbs up
No no no

Valheim emotes Codes

To use an emote in Valheim, players must enter the corresponding code for that emote in the in-game chat. The complete list of codes for each emote is given in Valheim: –

  • No No No – / nonono
  • Thumbs Up – / thumbsup
  • Sit – / sit
  • Wave – / wave
  • Challenge – / challenge
  • Cheer – / cheer
  • Point – / point

With the given code slash (/), typing these codes accurately in the chat tab will use the corresponding emotes for the player’s character. Emotes in Valheim add another interactive feature to the fast-growing survival game.

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Valheim Was released with Early Access on 2 February. This means that Viking-themed survival sandbox games have less than 50% of the content that developers have envisioned for it.

Despite regularly releasing updates and patches, developers have still not been told any concrete plans about Valheim’s future, in order to properly optimize Valheim.

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