Gaming With Kev : Why Fans Love so much Gaming With Kev?

Here In this blog we will share all the points which you should not miss about great Youtube content Creator Gaming with Kev.

Do You Know Who is gaming with kev ? How old is game up with Kev? 

GamingwithKev is a you tube content creator his real name is Mr. Kevin edwards jr, how old is kev can be calculated if you know the exact date of birth. So here Am disclosing his date of birth.

Mr Kevin edwards jr was born on 18th April 1989. He is 31 Year Young man with full of creativity.

Kevin edwards jr is well known as Gaming withkev; as he has a Primary Youtube channel by this name, Kevin edwards jr an American Youtuber and well known player, he uploads gameplay on this channel, most of the videos are based on GTA, Roblox and NBA 2K

What is gaming with Kev zodiac sign?

As per the date of birth of Kev Zodiac sign is Aries.

Is gaming with Kev still married or single?

He has a lovely family life, hiw wife Marie,whom he proposed through a youtube video on his channel through a whisper challenge video. They tie the knot on June 2015. They are blessed with two sons and two daughters.

Where does gaming with Kevin live?

Gaming with Kevin or we can say Kevin edwards jr currently lives in  Bakersfield California, along with his wife and childrens

Is gaming with Kev rich ? how much does gaming with kev make?

As we know now The channel on Youtube “GamingWithKev” is created by Mr. Kevin edwards jr. As Per info on net his estimated net worth is approx 7 million Us dollar. Recently in his second channel he has disclossed that he has purchased a car name Bugati. We will disclose his second channel name with full detail in this article.  If we ask Is kev rich ? Its obvious a person having a net worth more than 7 million Us dollar is considered to be a super rich.

Before going to Gaming with Kev Youtube video  or you tube channel let see his social handles.

What is Kevin Edwards Jr Snapchat?

Kevin Edwards Jr Snapchat – ADayWithKev

Kevin Edwards Jr Twitter / Gaming with Kev Twitter –

Instagram for kev  –

Facebook ID of Kev –

Have a look on GamingWithKev YouTube Channel / youtube gaming with kev         

GamingWithKev channel have 7.3M subscribers till 13th Feb 2021. Kevin edwards jr created the channel GamingWithKev on 8 May 2015.

His Second YouTube channel is AdayWithKev this channel have 441 k subscriber as on 13th Feb 2021.

To Subscribe Kevin edwards jr channel GamingWithKev you can get the direct link below.

youtube gaming with kev Video you can watch here.

What is gaming with Kev name on Roblox? / What is gaming with kev roblox name?

Kevin Edwards Jr , gaming with kev roblox tycoon , he upload lots of game play, most of the fan like his video on gamingwithkev roblox. He is really a Roblox you tuber, you can watch his popular videos like gamingwithkev roblox jailbreak. 

To watch gamingwithkev new videos on – Roblox Be A SUPERHERO TYCOON – Follow the below given link

You can also watch the gamingwithkev new videos – Roblox The Mimic – The link is given below.

Don’t miss what Gamming with Kev uploaded a week ago “Roblox Laundary Simulator”

One of the best Roblox livestream at gaming with kev

OUR ONLY GOAL IS TO STEAL $1,000,000 IN ROBLOX JAILBREAK!! (Roblox Livestream)

You can check the link below

Trending video of  time  of GamingwithKev “DON’T GET ARRESTED CHALLENGE! (Roblox Jailbreak)” which was uploaded 3 years ago and till date have a 11 M views

Second similar video of  Gaving of Kev “$1,000,000 MONSTER TRUCK IN ROBLOX JAILBREAK” having a 9.3 M views and which was uploaded 3 Years ago.

GT GamingWithKev / gaming with kev gta 5 mods video with 11M views which was uploaded 4 Years ago.

5 Mods – CHUCKY “KILLER DOLL” MOD! (GTA 5 Mods Gameplay)

Another GTA 5 Mods – MASSIVE TORNADO MOD! (GTA 5 PC Mods Gameplay) with 9M views and uploaded 5 YEARS AGO

You can check the link for GTA 5 Mods – HULK VS ABOMINATION! (GTA 5 Mod Gameplay) video of Gaming with kev which was uploaded 4 years ago and have a 19M views so far. The link is given below

Most Popular video of Kevin edwards jr on Gamming with Kev Youtube Channel is:

ESCAPE THE HAUNTED HOUSE! | Roblox, This you tube video of Gaming with kev have 24 M views and this video was uploaded 4 Years ago

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