In Genshin Impact Game Where You will Get Silk Flower ?


Genshin impact, Silk flowers can be a difficult material to find. These flowers can be used for the hydro character Xingqiu.

There is also a suitable material to complete the five flushes of the Fortune event, the red item for the first day will be a challenge, as the event requires 10 red items to be photographed.

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Where to find Silk Flower in Genshin Impact Game

Liyue harbor

Six bushes of six white marker silk flowers can be found in Liyue Harbor.

Players can get 12 flowers or take six pictures of a ‘Red Item’ to complete the event.

Qingce Village

This place is not a special place for silk flowers, so that it does not help in the event. However; this place is suitable for cultivation for climbing flowers.

A miller named Ms. Bai sells a lot of material including silk flowers.

Wangshu Inn

Wangsu Inn has six silk flower buses at the six star marked locations on the map above.

Each bush will give two silk flowers to the players; resulting in 12 silk flowers from this location.

These locations will allow players to capture pictures for the ‘Five Flushes of Fortune’ event.

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Players can buy five silk flowers for 5000 mora here. Ms. Bai sells each item the next day with a maximum of five purchases per day.

This is the easiest way to get silk flowers in Genshin Impact.

That all in today’s article ” In Genshin Impact Game Where You will Get Silk Flower “

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