Get Free Shirou character in Free Fire – Shirou character for free

Get Free Shirou character in Free Fire : Free fire Battle Royal is one of the most famous Battle Royal titles in mobile games. Character is an important aspect of this game. In this article we will share how you can get Shirou character for free in Free Fire.

Except Nulla and Primis, each of them has a specific ability that affects the gameplay. The game has a total of 37 characters, with Shirou and Skyler added. Shirou and Skyler are free fire new character.

In a recent Instagram post, Free fire Announced that players can get Shirou character for free if they receive 200k comments.

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If the Instagram post hits 200k comments, Free Fire players can win the Shirou character

To get the Shirou character, players Should go to the official Instagram page of Free fire india .

They have to tag three friends and comment with their UID (User ID) to participate.

If the post surpasses 200k comments by 11 February, players will get ( Shirou character for free in Free Fire ) new characters for free on 27 February.

This is a win-win situation for the players as they have the opportunity to get the Shirou character at no cost.

Must know Shirou character Ability in Free Fire.

Shirou ability in free fire are listed below.

Shirou character Has a passive play ability named ‘Damage Delivered’.

At the first level, when enemies hit a player within range, the attacker is marked for six seconds and only visible to the user.

The first shot on target has 50% extra armor penetration, and a 35 second cool down.

With the level increase, the capacity increases gradually, and the cool down decreases.

At maximum level the range and duration are the same; but the reach of additional armor on the enemy is 100%; and the colddown is significantly reduced by 20 seconds.

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