Get Sabertooth Slash Skin in Free Fire Absolutely Free

Get Sabertooth Slash Skin in Free Fire Absolutely Free :There are a lot of activities going on in the game, in which gamers will be given free skins, emotes, characters and a good deal and muchmore. Free Rampage-themed rewards are being supplied at some point of these events; along with the Earthshaker Stomp and the Volcanic Whirlwind Skyboard. Players have to accomplish missions to get these items. In addition to these, Garena these days introduced a new pals callback tournament that provides gamers a exclusive Sabertooth Slash Skin for free.

Get Sabertooth Slash Skin in Free Fire Absolutely Free

This new Friends callback tournament has began on twenty sixth June and will quit on 30 June. During this time limit, gamers have to invite their pals who have been inactive for an prolonged duration of time to obtain a wide variety of rewards, which include Sabertooth Slash Skin, which has a exceptional killfeed.

To get Sabertooth Slash Skin in Free Fire from pals callback event, gamers can observe the steps given below:-

Step 1 – Gamers should click on the calendar shown as  icon to reach the events section.

Step 2 – Now they have to choose  “Friends Callback” within “Rampage 3.0” . Then Gamers have to click the “Go To” button. Alternatively, they can click the “Friends” tab icon and then click on the “Call Back” section.

Step 3 – Then, players should click on the “Call Back” option. A dialog box will appear showing the list of inactive friends.

Step 4 – Players need to click on the Invitation tab and share the link with their pals in the desired / preferred way.

Afterthe joining of  five players who have been invited ( join Garena FreeFire via the link provided ), gamer will get Sabertooth Slash Skin.

Finally gamer can collect rewards; depending on the count of callbacks from the same section.

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