How to Download Videos from MX Player online with Link for free

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If you’re using MX Player on your Android device, you can download almost any video that comes to mind from within the application itself. While this process may seem a little intimidating at first, there are actually just three steps to the whole operation, and it’s quite simple to do once you get started. Once you download a video from MX Player, you can save it to your device or share it with others via email or social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

How to Download Videos from MX Player online with Link

How to download videos from mx player online ? To answer this question we have divide it into 5 steps. if you understand these step wise steps then it will be easy for you to download videos from mx player online.

Step 1 – Enable USB Debugging on Android before you want to know how to Download Videos from MX Player online..

Before you get started, you need to make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your Android device. If it’s not, follow these steps: Go to Settings > About Phone and tap Build Number 7 times. (You should see a toast notification when you’ve successfully enabled Developer Options.) Then go back one level and enter Developer Options. Tap Debugging and then tick USB Debugging.

Step 2 – Enable Unknown Sources on Android

In order to download files from your device, you’ll need to enable a setting called Unknown Sources. This means you’ll be able to install apps that haven’t been approved by Google Play—such as VidMate and MX Player—from websites or from other sources. Tap on Settings > Security > and check off Unknown Sources. The option will allow you to install VidMate without issue.

Step 3 – Launch MX Player APK File on PC for download movies on pc.

To download videos using MX Player APK, you will need a Google account on your computer. Connect your computer and mobile device via USB cable. Copy downloaded files into your Android device or SD card. If there is no music player or video player app on your Android device yet, then you can install MX Player APK file directly (See Step 1). Select video files and play them with Open with in Android File Transfer program of ES File Explorer. Once transferred, they will be seen in Playlists section as well as Video Library section of APK file main interface. You can drag and drop multiple videos at once into Playlist area or double click single video clip thumbnail to play it directly.

Step 4 – Connect your Android Device to Computer

Open My Computer and go to Devices and Printers. Select your Android device, right click on it, and click Sharing. Click on Add Device… You will see a window like below. Check two boxes; one is File Sharing for network users, another is Media streaming options… Then click on OK button. You can now see a folder named after your Android device in My Computer folder and can easily download mx player video with link.

Step 5 – Transfer Video Files From Computer To Android Device

Before you can watch videos on your Android device; you need to transfer them over. To do that, follow these steps: Connect your Android device via USB cable to your computer and wait for all devices to be detected. When prompted, tap USB Computer Connection or select Connected as a media device. Browse through files on your computer until you find video files and drag-and-drop them onto your phone’s name in Windows Explorer or any other file manager. Wait for videos to transfer. If they don’t transfer automatically (for example, if you drop a lot of different types of files onto it), then open up My Computer or Windows Explorer again and click on Phone Storage instead of Internal Storage.

Download videos from mx player and enjoy watching latest webseries or movies.

You can download Mx Player from here.

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