How to Get Ancient Rome bundle in Free Fire Full detail?

Ancient Rome bundle in Free Fire : Free fire Includes costume bundles and a variety of items. These items enable players to enhance and change the visual aspect of the game to some extent. In this article lets see, how to Get Ancient Rome bundle in Free Fire ?

Free fire  developers periodically add various cosmetic items. Recently, the ‘Ancient Rome’ bundle made its way into the game with the OB26 Update, and players can take advantage of it from the ‘Gold Royale’ section.

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How to get the new Ancient Rome bundle in Free Fire ?

This ancient Rome bundle was recently added to the Gold Royal and will last for 67 days.

The Ancient Rome bundle includes the following items: –

  1. Ancient Rome (Top)

      2. Ancient Rome (Bottom)

      3. Ancient Rome (Shoes)

      4. Ancient Rome (Head)

Each spin of Gold Royal costs 300 gold, while 10 + 1 spin costs 3000 gold.

To reach Gold Royal in Free Fire; users can follow these steps : –

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1 Players have to open the free fire game; and click on the ‘Luck Royale’ icon on the left side of the lobby screen.

 2 After that you have to click on the Gold Royal tab.

3 Finally; they have to choose the required number of spins.

It is important to note that players are not guaranteed to receive the Ancient Rome bundle from Gold Royal.

In addition; there are several other items they can obtain.

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