Know How to get Lucky Koi AWM skin from Weapon Royale in Free Fire

Lucky Koi AWM skin from Weapon Royale in Free Fire: Garena free fire a new AWM skin in the game Lucky Koi AWM has introduced. Players are eager to get a new skin launched in the game, as new features have been added to this skin. In this article we will share how to get Lucky Koi AWM skin from Weapon Royale?

Lucky Koi AWM Skin:  Free fire Players receiving Lucky Koi AWM Skin, obtain a decent competitive advantage over enemies. The AWM is already a deadly weapon, and the addition of Lucky Koi makes this weapon twice as lethal.

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Regarding Esthetic, the gun is introduced to the skin with yellow, red and blue colors, and since it is a Legendary skin, it also packs an aesthetic appeal in the form of yellow animations. Lucky Koi AWM Skin in Free fire  also comes with a special kilfeed.

Get Lucky Koi AWM skin from Weapon Royale in Free Fire

The skin cannot be purchased directly, and players must spin in the Weapon Royale to obtain it.

  • 1  Open the tab and select the Weapon Royale option.
  • 2 Weapon Royale can be spinned by spending 40 diamonds or roasting a Weapon Royale voucher, giving each player a spin.

For players : Lucky Koi AWM skin Whether or not it depends entirely on the luck of the player. However, many people has achieved  Lucky Koi AWM skin

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The overall chance of acquiring this skin is slim like any other heavy skin. But in the temporary edition of 24 hours it became easier for the players; Lucky Koi Garena is quite favored to achieve.

Players should keep in mind that by March 3, 2021 Weapon royalSkin will be available in e section.

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