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Free Shirou Character : Free fire Battle Royal is one of the games. Developed and published by Garena. Characters are most important in this because they have a unique ability that enables players to perform better in the virtual battlefield.

Developers are regularly adding new characters, which gives players a new experience.

One of the latest characters in the list is Shirou Character . Which was added to the game a few days ago. And the developers had posed a challenge to the Instagram post. Players who achieve this milestone will get free Shirou Character.

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How to get Shirou character in Free Fire : Shirou Character for Free

Yesterday, in a social media post, Free fire Announced the challenge for Shirou Character for Free, you can follow the link to catch up with the challenge and get free shirou character in free fire.

Shirou Character Ability in Free Fire

New Shirou Character has a passive play ability called Damage Deliver. At the first level, when an enemy hits players within the 80-meter range, it will be marked for six seconds.

It will only be visible to the player and not to teammates. In addition, the first shot at the target marked will be 50% Armor Penetration. It has a 35 second cooldown.

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This capacity is further increased with an increase in the capacity level. At the highest level, penetration of Penetration has increased by 100%. In addition, Cooldown is reduced to 20 seconds.

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