How to level up quickly in Genshin Impact full detail

Genshin impact Many exciting rewards are offered, in which the player challenges opponents, and continues his battle at a higher world level, trying to reach an Adventure Rank.

New players often wonder how to quickly level up to unlock free characters like Quest, Co-op, Barbara and experience a world class.

While this may seem confusing in the early game; it is actually very easy to promote Adventure Rank.

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How to reach Adventure rank quickly while leveling up in Genshin Impact


In Genshin Impact, the domain plays an important source for content and artifacts. This domain rewards 100 AR EXP for every 20 resins spent in the game.

Daily Commissions Rewards

To increase Adventure Rank, players will need Adventure EXP derived from various sources. Although most sources require basic resin, the daily commission provides about 1500 adventure EXP every day.

Players only have to complete the four assigned tasks to open the search menu below their adventurer’s handbook or mini-map and get a total of 1000 EXP.

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After taking commission rewards from the Adventurer Guild additional 500 AR, EXP can be obtained.

This is the most effective way to promote Adventure Rank.

Ley line outcrops

Ley line outcrops such as Blossom of Revelation and Blossom of Wealth also provide 100 AR EXP for every successful effort. The challenges of Ley lines can be replicated in the Genshin Impact to expand further and rank faster.

Weekly and Elite bosses

These Bosses also provide AR EXP at the cost of resin along with pieces of artwork. Weekly Bosses require 60 resin and elite Bosses require 40 resin per attempt.

Except for the sources mentioned above, a series of quests, chests, and time-limited events also provide AR EXP. Although these cannot be replicated to rank in more detail and increase adventure rank faster, they can still be a source of time.

Adventurer’s Handbook

Nine chapters in Adventurer’s Handbook provide the once achievable AR EXP in the early game. Some tasks listed in it can be completed immediately from farming to EXP, while some tasks require long-term gameplay.

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