How to quickly push Rank up in PUBG Mobile Season 18

How to quickly push Rank up in PUBG Mobile Season 18 ? Pushing ranks in PUBG Mobile and reaching the top tier offers many other benefits; including better season rewards.

The current ranked season is ending soon, and season 18 will begin in a few days. Many players have to push their rank quickly and are a dream for many players, and various factors affect rank push.

How to Quickly Push Rank in PUBG Mobile?

Landing spots

The new season is starting soon, so players will try to push the ranks.

Landing on hot drops carries considerable risk as players will face heavy concentration; as swarms of enemies accumulate around them.

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As a result, you can reduce your rank and loss of points. Players should avoid hot drops at all costs.

They can fix their landing spots to survive longer and purchase substantial amounts of loot. Players can also monitor the shrinking of the next play zone and move accordingly


Killing and surviving are the two most important factors that come into play. In a Battle Royal matc; players are awarded ranking points based on overall performance.

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Players will get a higher number of ranking points per game by hitting and surviving longer. For additional kills, players can try third-party ones. They may prefer to play safe to survive longer.

Playing with a team

If players want to add their team to the team before the new season starts, they have to see that they have a group of players to play with.

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Playing with random users in squads can result in loss of points because of a lack of coordination. This applies to squad mode, being a partner to help in this regard.

In addition; many other things also influence and assist users in their rank-push in the game, such as reviving teammates.

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