Kisan credit card scheme 2021: KCC Loan and Kcc online apply detail

Kisan credit card scheme 2021 | Kisan Credit Card Scheme Beneficiary List | KCC Loan and Kcc online apply detail | kisan credit card scheme in up  | what is kisan credit card scheme ? | KCC Farmer List

The government has set a target of doubling the income of farmers. Keeping this in mind, the central government has started Kisan Credit Card Scheme. Today we are going to provide you all the important information related to the Kisan Credit Card / KCC Scheme through this article. By reading this article; you will get complete information related to this scheme. Such as what is Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021? KCC  benefits, objectives of KCC, features, eligibility, important documents, application process, how to apply kcc online etc.

So guys if  you want to get complete information related to Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021; then you are requested to read this article till the end.

What is Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021 ? What is kcc and how to apply kcc ?

Under Kisan Credit Card Scheme, a credit card will be provided to the farmers of the country. Through which they will be given a loan of 1 lakh 60 thousand. Through this kcc loan, the farmers of the country will be able to take care of their farming and well being. With kcc, farmers will also be able to insure their crops. Recently, cattle farmers and fishermen have also been included under the Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021. If you too want to enroll yourself in Kisan Credit Card Scheme and if you want to get a KCC, then you have to go to the official website and follow our given kcc online apply procedure . Kcc loan under Kisan Credit Card Scheme will be provided to farmers at 4% interest rate without any guarantee.

Its a very low interest rate. Hope now it is clear that what is kcc ? and how to apply kcc ?

Kisan Credit Card Scheme

Kcc apply online Detail : Kisan credit card scheme was introduced in which year ?

As you all know, The Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi ji, introduced Kisan Credit Card Scheme in the year 2020; in order to provide more benefit to the farmers of the country, under the PM Kisan Yojana, the Prime Minister Kisan Credit Card Scheme was launched, many farmers of the country are being provided loans at low interest rate by providing Kisan Credit Card /  KCC so that they can overcome all the problems related to their farming. It has been a full year since the scheme was started by the Central Government in the year 2020. Under Kisan Credit Card Yojana the target of providing Kisan Credit Card to about 2.5 crore farmers of the country, out of which about 1.82 crore farmers have been benefited by the Central Government so far.

So if you ask kisan credit card scheme started in which year ? Kisan Credit Card Scheme was first introduced in 1998.

Highlights of Kisan Credit Card Yojana or kisan credit card scheme 

Name of the scheme KCC Scheme / Kisan Credit Card Scheme
Started by By the central government
Beneficiary Farmers of the country
an objective Providing low interest tax credit
Application Process Online
Official website

New Interest Rate of Kcc loan  or Kisan Credit Card

The Kisan Credit Card Scheme was introduced in 1998. A new interest rate was announced by the government on the Kisan Credit Card; because of Corona transition. In a special campaign, PM Narendra Modi has distributed Kisan Credit Cards to more than 25 lakh beneficiaries from Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh. It was done to make kisan credit card scheme in up popular and sucessfull. For which work has been assigned to more than 2 thousand bank branches. Under the Kisan Credit Card Scheme, an interest rate of 7% will have to be paid annually on KCC loan amount.

Through the Kisan Credit Card, agricultural insurance is also available for the crop and the area; and interest is also available on the savings bank rate on the amount left from KCC.
  • If the beneficiary settles his KCC loan within 1 year; then the beneficiary will get 3% discount on interest rate and 2% subsidy.
  • This means that farmers will get a total rebate of 5%.
  • If the farmer repays the KCC loan within 1 year; then he will have to pay only 2% interest up to ₹ 300000. If you also want for  kcc apply online under the Kisan Credit Card Scheme; then you have to apply by visiting the official website.

Must Read KCC Card Scheme

As you all know, the Kisan Credit Card Scheme was started to provide loans to farmers at low interest rates. But still about 42 percent of the farmers have not joined this scheme and remain connected with the moneylenders for their farming.

Recently; the Central Government has given to all those farmers who are taking advantage of the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Attempted to connect to Kisan credit card. The Kisan Credit Card will now also be linked to cattle farmers and fish farmers. Through which farmers will be provided guarantee free loan.

How to get KCC card And Check Eligibility for Kisan Credit Card Yojana 2021

Under this scheme; about 14 crore farmers of the country will be given insurance guarantee loans. Farmers of the country having arable land can make aKisan Credit Card, in this the loan is given to the farmers at a low interest rate. By the central government Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana It has been decided to provide the facility of this scheme to all the farmers associated with it. Not only this; the interest rate will be only 4% per cent. Under this Kisan Credit Card scheme 2021; farmers who do not fall under the income tax can apply for KCC loan.

Kisan Credit Card Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awas Yojana List 2021 | PMAY-G new revised list

New update on Kisan Credit card scheme 2021

On 29 February, a function has been organized in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, in which Prime Minister interacted with farmers. Meanwhile, Kisan Credit Cards will also be distributed to the beneficiary farmers of PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.  Under this scheme, a total of 9.74 crore farmers of the country have registered themselves so far and they are now well aware what is kcc loan ? Whereas 8.45 crore farmers have started benefiting from it. All of the eligible beneficiaries of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi can get their benefits as soon as possible after making the Kisan credit card .

RBI has announced a moratorium – Is this applicable for KCC loan ? 

As you all know that the whole country of India is going through the crisis of corona virus. Due to which the entire country has been locked down, all industrial / agricultural / financial operations etc. are inoperative due to the lockdown. Therefore, to give relief to the people / institutions of the country, RBI has announced a moratorium on the next three months on all debt redemption. Therefore, all farmers with Kisan Credit Cards, who have taken KCC loan against it, are also covered under this corona relief package.

 Target Of Kisan Credit Card Scheme in up

This campaign is being run till October 10 for kisan registration in uttar pradesh for Kisan credit card scheme 2021. Through which 100000 farmers will be provided KCC loans for fisheries. The Fisheries Department of Uttar Pradesh has set a target to make Kisan Credit Cards in all districts of Uttar Pradesh. Through Kisan Credit Card Scheme in up a total of 100000 credit cards will be made in the entire state.

This goal is as follows.

District names Credit Card
1 Aligarh Division 2187
2 Agra Division 2863
3 Azamgarh Division 10148
4 Prayagraj Division 7758
5 Kanpur Division 5703
6 Gorakhpur Division 10349
7 Chitrakoot Division 4096
8 Jhansi division 3321
9 Devipatan mandal 2811
10 Ayodhya Division
11 Bareilly Division 3097
12 Colony board 3701
13 Meerut Division 4552
14 Moradabad Division 8409
15 Varanasi Division 5254
School of education 3888
Saharanpur Division 1494
Lucknow Division 12130

 Special Campaign For Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021

The Government of India have run a special campaign from 1 June 2020 to 31 July 2020. Under this scheme, 1.5 crore dairy farmers associated with milk unions and milk producers companies will get Kisan credit card (KCC). The Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying has already issued suitable circulars and KCC application formats to all the State Milk Federations and Milk Unions in association with the Department of Financial Services to implement this campaign as a mission. The government has already put in place a loan scheme on the Kisan Card to fulfill short-term credit requirements for raising animals, fish, shrimp, other aquatic organisms, to fulfill the requirement of loans in animal related activities like  dairy etc.

PM Kisan Credit Card Scheme and kisan registration for KCC 

  • Under the RBI’s Corona Relief Package, farmers whose repayment is within the time period between March 1, 2020 to May 31, are given a three-month exemption for repayment of the loan. If a farmer is unable to pay due to lockdown then he can skip payment during this period. For more information; all the farmers have to contact their respective bank. It is not compulsory, if a farmer is able to pay, then he can pay it.
  • Bullet payment
  • Credit card statement
  • Principal and / or interest component
  • EMI (Equated Monthly Installment)

Official PM KCC Online Form Link Bank Wise & Benefits of Credit Card Scheme Kisan 2021

All the farmers of the country can take advantage of this scheme.

  • This Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021 is under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, all the farmers connected to the scheme will be given the benefit of this scheme.
  • The farmers of the country can get the KCC loan using Kisan Credit Card.
  • With the help of this farmers will be able to do their farming very well by getting loans.
  • The benefit of this scheme will be made available to 14 crore farmers of the country.
  • To reduce the interest burden on the farmers; low interest rate will be charged on KCC loans taken in Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021.
  • Through Kisan credit card one can apply online to take a KCC loan in every bank.

Pradhanmantri Ujjwala Yojana Helpline Number-Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana Toll Free Number

Which fish farmers can get a Kisan credit card and KCC Loan ?

  • Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Fishermen
  • Fish farmer (individual and group / partner / crop / tenant farmer)
  • Self help group
  • Joint liability group
  • Women’s group

Active KCC State / UT .Wise

Kisan Credit Card Scheme

Documents Required For Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021 

  • The farmer should have cultivable land.
  • All those farmers can apply for a Kisan Credit Card, which is in agricultural production in their own farm or doing agriculture work in any other field or is associated with any kind of crop production.
  • Applicant’s Aadhar Card
  • The farmer must be an Indian resident
  • Copy of the land
  • pan card
  • mobile number
  • Passport size photo

 Let See How to apply Kisan Credit Card Scheme in Offline ?

If you want to apply for making Kisan Credit Card under Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021; then you have to take all your documents and go to your nearest bank branch. You will go to the bank and ask the bank officer about Kisan Credit Card scheme.  Have to take an application form; after taking the application form, you will have to fill in the required information asked in the form. On filling all the information; you have to attach all your documents with the application form and submit it to the bank official. Later on after verifying your application; you will be given a Kisan Credit Card within a few days.

Check How to Apply KCC Online? 

If you want to know how to apply kcc online; read this carefully.

  • First of all, you have to visit the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme’s Official website.
  • On visiting the official website, the home page will open in front of you.
  •  Download KCC Form this optionwill appear at home page. You will have to click on this option. After clicking on the option, KCC Application Form PDF will open from here, you can download the application.
  •  Downloading the application form, you will have to fill all the information asked in the form. Thereafter filling all the information, you will have to attach all your necessary documents with the application form.
  • Now you will have to submit your application form in the bank where your account is open.

After verifying the data provided by the farmer; the application will be accepted and the application will go to the login of the branch of the bank account where the amount of Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is received.

Days required to issue KCC after online apply

All those farmers whose applications will be approved for Kisan credit card; will be provided within 15 days.

To make the scheme transparent; the monitoring of the application software will be given to the Deputy Agricultural Director District Magistrate and the Lead District Manager.

Contact Information

Through this article, we have provided all the important information related to the Kisan Credit Card Scheme 2021. Hope it will has solved your query about KCC and its criteria.

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