Know How to catch Mega Lopunny in Pokemon GO ?

How to catch Mega Lopunny in Pokemon GO: Mega Evolution are powerful forms of Pokémon that are found in Pokémon Go through Mega Reds. These powered up form STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) promote their own stats as well as their teammates in the battle of Raid and Jim, increasing the impact of the move.

Many mega evolutions also end up receiving an additional type or changing one of its current types. Lopunny is one of these, making a useful fighting in addition to its usual common-type.

How to catch Mega Lopunny in Pokemon GO

Mega Lopunny will appear in battle during Niantic’s Easter Event. The practical Bunny will dominate the raid scene for about four days, from 10:00 am on April 4 local time to 8:00 pm local time on 8 April.

Mega Lopunny may also be available longer as they have not confirmed if Pokémon will end with the event.

Having said that; the mega-powerful bunny would likely be added to the mega raid cycle, so players who missed the occasion would still have plenty of opportunities later in the year.

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Once a player has Mega Lopunny and 200+ Mega Energy for the rabbit; they can go to their favorite Lopunny and tap on the Mega Evolve button. This change is only temporary, but it has more power in raids and gyms.

To get the coveted Mega Energy, players will need to dominate additional Mega Lopunny in Mega Rides or complete the Spring-themed collection challenge. Later there may be other ways to get Mega Lopunny’s Mega Energy but for now, these two sources are the only way.

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In addition, the faster a mega raid is completed, the more mega energy each participant will receive. Players should bring their game to these raids to ensure that they can keep their Mega Lopunny operating for as long as they need to.

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