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 Full detail on new Gun Mag-7 shotgun; Free fire OB26 Update was released a few days ago, that is, on February 4, and players have been introduced to many events and new features in the new update. Older weapons have been updated and a new gun has been added to this update.

Many features have been added, including OB26 update weapons, training ground updates, new functions, and more. A new gun has been introduced which is the mag-7 shotgun.

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Full Detail You Must know about Free Fire’s new Gun Mag-7 shot Gun

This gun OB26 Advanced Server Added to is the latest weapon. Given the position of this shotgun, it is unlike most other shotguns in the game.

The versatility of the Mag-7 shotgun is greater than that of most other guns. However, when the target is more than 5 meters away, it is not very effective because the weapon is most powerful at close-range. The Mag-7 shotgun will be available in Classic as well as Clash Squad mode.

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Here are the details of the Mag-7 shotgun

Base Damage: 20
Magazine: 8
Rate of Fire: 0.2
Attachments: Grip, Stock

Players can configure it with many different attachments, such as the muzzle, silencer, and foregrip. However, the silencer is pointless and ineffective because it is a close combat weapon, but the muzzle allows this weapon to be slightly more flexible. The forearm will be beneficial even when the target is reached, because the gun remains stationary.

Overall, Mag-7 shotgun will be the first versatile and agile shotgun in the collection, and players can explore its advantages as weapons are released with updates.

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