Method of getting Magical Fox Bundles from Prestige Box in Free Fire

Free fire Battle Royal game is very popular among players all over the world and has achieved some incredible rewards over the years, including E-sports Awards 2020 Includes E-sports Mobile Game of the Year. Read the way to get Magical Fox Bundles from Prestige Box in Free Fire.

The game has many attractive cosmetic items such as guns and glue walls, cosmetic items, costume and more. Developers regularly add a lot of new items and skins to the game to keep the game exciting for players.

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Developers have recently reintroduced ‘The Magical Duo’ i.e. Griffin and Magical Fox Bundle. This time, the player Prestige box There is a chance to get these specific bundles from.

How to get Magical Fox Bundles from Prestige Box in Free Fire

Players should get a Prestige Box B bundle, which can be purchased from the store by giving 25 diamonds. Griffin and Magical Fox bundle are two items in the box. Apart from this, Prestige Token B will also be available with it.

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Prestige box b Rewards from: –

  1. Griffin bundle
  2. Magical Fox Bundle
  3. 1x Prestige Token B
  4. 2x Prestige Token B
  5. 3x Prestige Token B
  6. 5x Prestige Token B
  7. 10x Prestige Token B

The probability of receiving a mythic item is 1%. Meanwhile, the probability of getting a common item is 99%. In addition to receiving bundles directly from the box, players can also obtain them by exchanging the tokens collected.

Prestige token b Rewards obtained by using: –

  • Bonfire – 1 Prestige Token B
  • Diamond Royale Voucher – 4 Prestige Token B
  • Weapon Royale Voucher – 4 Prestige Token B
  • Cube fragment – 5 Prestige Token B
  • Name change card – 20 Prestige Token B
  • Griffin Bundle – 60 Prestige Token B
  • Magical Fox Bundle – 60 Prestige Token B

To buy the box in Free Fire follow the steps given below.

1 Free fire Open the game and tap on the store.

 2 Select the Prestige Box under the crate and press the Purchase button.

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3 A dialog box appears, asking the players to confirm their selection. Hit the yellow button with diamonds to get the box.


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