Mod APK Download link for Mafia Crime War update full detail

 Mod APK Download link for Mafia Crime War update full detail: Crime war is a Mafia-themed MMO Strategic Card Game. In this game you will play the role of an FBI agent from a mafia family whose father was murdered by a syndicate; a new and upcoming criminal organization that has invaded your family territory.

At such a critical moment; you have returned to protect and revitalize your family; recruiting a wide variety of crooks, and promoting crime, and devising business strategies, all in your own way.

Becoming the new godfather to overcome obstacles and seek revenge for father.

Download APK Link Mafia Crime War

Take Control, Dominate All – Mafia Crime War update

As the new godfather, you must make important decisions for the development of your crime family, run your criminal business and expand your territory.

Use clever tactics to change the fate of your once great family.

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Money, electricity, and anything else

Operate your dirty underworld businesses, earn loads of revenue from criminal jobs, collect luxury cars and street racing legends, gather your arms, and date women.

All kinds of intimacy and participation await you.

This life of luxury will fulfill all your gangster dreams.


Updated 17 March 2021
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 73MB
Current version
Content rating Teen
Violence, Blood
Developer [email protected]
Download Game Google Play Store

Crimes of Violence, Liberated Outlaws

Join the hardcore wars between gangs, street fights, bank robberies, turf battles, destruction of the businesses of your rivals, and get yourself on the syndicate.

Complete these good works in the dark, and you will establish a new kingdom of evil in the city of sin.

Recruit Heroes, Aligne Legions

To help you recruit great heroes from the shadowy underworld.

Settle the heroism of your exclusive hero and defeat your opponents in battle, applying devious tactics and clever formations along the way.

Exploration, Realistic Thrills

You will freely explore the realistic settings of ALA, New York, Sicily, Tokyo, etc., and experience the real thrill of gangster life.

Freedom to Sin, Lush Visual Effects, committing sin freely

The card battles in this game are user friendly.

Enjoy a life of crime in a relaxed manner. Sophisticated character models with awesome 3D battle effects will give you the ultimate gaming experience in a wide variety of settings.

Family Revival, Establishment of a New Order

Upgrade your villas, conduct businesses, expand your territory, recruit heroes, recruit women, collect luxury cars, combat your deadly enemies.

You will revive your family, take revenge for your father, and by you, establish a new underworld order led by the Godfather.

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