Morden False Ceiling Design For Kids Room

Hi, friends we always talk about how difficult it is to decorate a false ceiling design for a kid’s room, as our effort is often the best possible compromise between what our little one wants, What we can afford, and the possibilities that the room space offers. But get things right and you have a dreamy, dashing, and inspirational false ceiling design for kids’ room that steals the show with its sheer splendor and creativity. Most of us are often consumed by themes, wall color, and decor, there is another essential piece of the puzzle that gets lost in the decorating rush the false ceiling design for kids’ rooms. It is time to take another look at for false ceiling design for the kid’s room

False ceilings designed for kids’ rooms are the most ignored part when it comes to home interiors. Most people ignore its decor and design and instead focus their attention on the walls and interior design. However, a tasteful kids’ room false ceiling design for kids’ room can create a magical appearance and uplift the decor appeal of the whole room. False ceilings are suspended ceilings placed below the original roof to hide wirings, AC units, etc., and add recessed lights and other decorative features.

 Modern kid’s room ceiling designs

1. Stylish wood false ceiling design for kids’

The room can be created with various materials and used in several designs. This wooden ceiling design is an ideal example of this. Wooden rafters are very in right now, and the cool hanging lights give the ceiling an industrial appearance. The room is trendy, with an excellent mickey mouse wall design and a floating bed. Therefore, even teenagers can use this room

2. The sparkling false ceiling design for the girl’s room

Kids may get fascinated with one color and one cartoon character most of the girls like sparkling and pink colors This girl’s room design combines both these elements to create gorgeous interiors. The modern false ceiling design for kids uses cove lighting and cloud shapes to create the perfect sparkling atmosphere that we are sure your little girl will love.

3. A contemporary ceiling design for kids’ room

This room design uses yellow to create a warm, sunny space. The simple kids room ceiling design hides all the wirings and provides a clean and contemporary look to the entire bedroom. Both hanging lights and led lights give the maximum brightness in the room. The yellow elements add a happy and cheerful vibe to this whole room.

4. Theme ceiling design for kids’ room

This animal-themed kid’s room is for your little explorer who loves animals. When we design a themed room like this one, the ceiling is often kept white and minimal. However, this kid’s room false ceiling design has simple lines and uses a theme color. So, it brings the whole room together beautifully. This rich shade of green for a kid’s room looks serene yet attractive. 

 5. Rainbow-themed false ceiling design for kids’ room

A simple kid’s room ceiling design with a rainbow will instantly put you and your kids in a good mood. Kids love colorful things, so adding a simple rainbow element will transform an ordinary room into a kid’s room. This false ceiling design goes from the ceiling to the floor for a uniform appearance. The rainbow is placed only over the bed to highlight and segregate that space from the rest of the room.

6. Mix and match false ceiling design for kids’ room

Stripes are always in, so why not use this design in your kid’s room with a false ceiling to make a bold statement? The yellow color is perfect for creating a bright environment. In a kid’s nursery using yellow, the color of happiness will automatically make the whole room cheerful and joyful.

Add decorative lights and decor elements without worrying about the hideous wiring showing through. Another amazing advantage of false ceilings designed for kids’ rooms is their soundproofing quality which will be very helpful if you live in a flat.

7. A sunny  false ceiling-to-wall design for kids’

remove the sun and its yellow color. This kid’s room’s false ceiling design is just another example of this. The visual warmth and spring-summertime happiness that this room evokes are unmissable. 

Colour can majorly affect our mood, so using this feel-good bright yellow coluor will make your kids feel optimistic too. The false ceiling design extends to the wall to create an accent wall. Placing the light fixture in the middle of the design is a great idea to create a flower.

The rooms of the kids need to be made with a vision often inspired by characters and movies. For an amazing kids’ room, it takes the right balance of childlike imagination and adult practicality

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