XL Candy in Pokemon go candy : How to get candy in pokemon go ?

Pokemon go candy : How to get candy in pokemon go ? XL Candy in Pokemon GO : Players are allowed to raise the CP of Level 40 in their Pokémon. Since its release, xL Candy has remained largely untouched, but some new changes have been made to the Season of Legends. How to get candy in pokemon go? that to XL candy read the full article.

Obtaining XL candy to raise high level CPs was definitely a more difficult feat involving a bit more luck. Now, there are more guarantees as to when players can easily obtain XL candy for their Pokémon.

One of the first changes is made towards high level account trades.

In all cases; players must level 40 or above to receive XL Candy, which is its basis.

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XL Candy in Pokemon GO :  How to get candy in pokemon go that to XL Candy?

Pokemon GO Players can purchase their Pokémon to obtain XL candy at a level of 40 or more. As a secondary bonus for trades, the Pokemon GO blog states.

The next change to XL Candy is a simple addition of rewards for walking with friend Pokémon. Pokemon GO Walking in with a friend will now give players a chance for XL candy as long as the account is at the correct level.

One final change, which is probably also the most important, is aimed at Resolve and Legendary Pokémon. Catching any Legendary, Legendary, or Evolved Pokémon will now guarantee players XL Candy.

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This explains why a lot of developed Pokémon are now hanging out in the forest, and it is certainly likely that the trend will continue.

All under level 40 Pokemon GO Players do not have to worry about any new version of candy. However, Pokemon GO changed the level cap to level 50 in late 2020 and added XL candy to the game.

XL Candy allows players to increase their Pokémon’s CP after a level of 40. This is a new system that Pokemon GO Combines the purpose of the late-game section. The candy previously received by players will no longer be as useful for Pokémon that are in a hat.

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The good news is that XL candy has become very easy to obtain; and it can save players a lot of time in the future.

Hope; its clear now How to get candy in pokemon go thats too a XL candy?

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