Full Detail How to get Rewards from Pokemon Go Kanto Celebration Event

Full Detail about Pokemon Go Kanto Celebration Event : Trainers can complete the Kanto Tour Special Research to encounter a shiny Ditto and unlock masterwork research. This special research is available to ticket holders only. Some rewards are based on the ticket you have chosen.

Kanto Tour event : Pokemon Go Kanto Celebration Event  During this you do not need to complete this special research. Players with tickets will still be able to use specialized research as long as they sign in and can take in-game action during the time period.

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Pokemon GO Kanto Celebration Tour event Been up for the last few weeks and means Pokémon’s anniversary after 25 years.

While the final celebration event week falls under the Johto Region, the Kanto Tour event will not take place immediately after. Players can wait for the Kanto Tour starting at 9 am local time on 20 February. It will run for 12 hours until 9 pm local time on the same day.

so far Pokemon GO Unlike other festive events in Kanto, the tour will not be free. Instead, players are required to purchase tickets for $ 12. When purchasing, an option needs to be made for the red or green version, call back from the original game from 25 years ago.

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Celeberation Kanto Tour event in Pokemon GO and Rewards

Tasks and Rewards

Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto (1/8)

  1. Claim Reward! – 10 PokéBall
  2.   Claim Reward! – 3 Razz Berry
  3. Claim Reward! – 3 Potion
  4. Rewards: 150 XP, Charmander / Bulbasaur encounter, 3 Incense
  5. Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto (2/8)

Use an Incense – 50 PokéBall
Catch 30 Pokémon – Tangela encounter
Take a snapshot of Charmander / Bulbasaur – 1 Poffin
Rewards: 25 Charmander / Bulbasaur Candy, Chansey encounter, 50 PokéBall
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto (3/8)

Earn 3 hearts with your Buddy – 300 Stardust
Catch 30 Pokémon – 500 XP
Evolve a Charmander / Bulbasaur – 25 Charmander / Bulbasaur Candy
Rewards: 2 Incense, Cubone encounter, 25 Ultra Ball
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto (4/8)

Use an Incense – 1 Incubator
Send 3 Gifts to friends – 5 Pinap Berry
Trade 3 Pokémon with a friend – 25 Charmander / Bulbasaur Candy
Rewards: 500 Stardust, Lickitung encounter, 25 Cubone candy
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto (5/8)

Make 3 Nice Throws in a Row – Aerodacty
Catch 10 different species of Pokémon – 1 Star Piece
Use 20 Berris to help catch Pokémon – 25 Charmander / Bulbasaur Candy
Rewards: 1 Premium Raid Pass, Snorlax encounter, 25 Cubone Candy
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto (6/8)

Power up Pokémon 5 times – 25 Charmander / Bulbasaur Candy
Battle in 3 raids – 20 Mewtwo Candy
Evolve a Pokémon – Red or Green version avatar hat
Rewards: 1 Fast TM, 1 Charge TM, Lapras encounter
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto (7/8)

Catch 30 Pokémon – 3000 XP
Catch 15 different species of Pokémon – 3 Rare Candy
Transfer 20 Pokémon – 3000 XP
Rewards: 1 Incense, Shiny Ditto encounter, 1 Lucky Egg
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto (8/8)

Claim Reward – 3000 XP
Claim Reward – 3000 Stardust
Claim Reward – 3000 XP
Rewards: 20 Ditto Candy, 20 Mew Candy, 10 Ditto Stickers

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