Project Cobra update in Free fire : Detail on Cobra Ascension event

Project Cobra update in Free fire : The event is still ongoing, and the much-awaited Cobra Rage bundle made its way to the game on 27 February.

Cobra Ascension event: The rewards will last for the next seven days. Players cannot receive bundles directly with diamonds or gold coins, but they can play this new event in the game to receive it.

Cobra Ascension event Detail – Legendary Cobra outfit

Players first need to spin their wheel. There should be enough diamonds in the account. Once they have enough diamonds, users can follow these steps to get the Legendary Cobra outfit, the rewards are given below: –

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1. Cobra Flash Avatar – Legendary Cobra Egg

2. Cobra Flash Banner – 1 Legendary Cobra Egg

3. AK-47 Legendary Cobra – 3 Legendary Cobra Egg

4. Cobra Fist – 4 Legendary Cobra Egg

5. Cobra Rage bundle – 5 Legendary Cobra Egg

As soon as the screen opens, they can navigate to the Luck Royale section in the left-hand corner of the screen.

Then they have to tap on  Cobra Ascension event . Players can then choose the spin of their choice.
They can buy spin for one or five at a time. It takes 20 diamonds in one spin, and 90 diamonds have to be delivered simultaneously for five spins.

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After spinning the draw, the players Legendary Cobra Egg tokens Can be found They collect these Legendary tokens, they gradually increase rewards and collect five Egg Tokens to give Legendary Outfit a chance to win.

However, these tokens are very difficult to collect, and players can also attract other rewards in the middle of the meter if they wish. They can do this if they have 1, 2, 3 or 4 cobra egg tokens.

Legendary Cobra Rage outfit is guaranteed if players collect five Cobra Egg tokens. However, players can also redeem them with Egg’s token and collect other rewards.

Player can play in and get a chance to win the Legendary Bundle before the event ends on 8 March.

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