PUBG Mobile India -Major changes that will be made in the gameplay

Some major changes will be made in the gameplay of PUBG Mobile India: Last year time indian PUBG Mobile There has been a lot of ups and downs for fans and players. In an unprecedented move, the game was banned by the Indian government along with 117 other applications.

The move came as a shock and distracted everyone. Players had given up hope for a return to the game in the country. but PUBG Corporation He was soon relieved after announcing the Indian version of the game.

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PUBG Mobile India gameplay 2021

PUBG Corporation According to the press release by the Indian version of the game, the in-game content optimized for Indian users will be improved and customized to reflect local users. Some new changes will be incorporated to create a healthy gaming environment in the country.

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The Indian version of PUBG Mobile will be installed in a virtual simulation training ground and will have the following changes: –

Limit set Game Time

One of the fundamental changes is the feature that will restrict game time. Although the global version of the game already has some restrictions, it is expected to be more stringent. This famous Battle Royal title is placed to promote healthy gaming habits among younger audiences.

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Character clothing

In PUBG Mobile India All the new characters will be completely ready on their own. Gamers can change their outfits, but they will not be able to remove the character’s clothes like the global version.

Green Hit effect

PUBG Mobile India In the version, the color of the hit effect will likely be locked in green, as opposed to the game’s global version, where players have the option to customize the color of the various effects.

This is done to indicate the virtual nature of the game.

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