PUBG mobile season 17-How to rank up fast in Pubg mobile season 17

PUBG Mobile, Is one of the Battle Royal games and this is E-Sports Games promoted well. It is a competitive title and has a prevalent ranking system that gives players a sense of competition. In today article let see “How to rank up fast in Pubg mobile season 17”

Players often try to reach the pinnacle of the rank system to prove their reliability in the game. However, unlike other Battle Royal titles, PUBG Mobile Has only the classic Battle Royal mode where players can play to push their ranks.

However, the Pubg mobile season 17 of the game isn’t particularly easy to push up the ranks. Learn how to quickly increase the game’s rank in easy ways.

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How to quickly increase your rank in PUBG Mobile Season 17 ?

Always select Correct Weapon

In PUBG Mobile season 17 the best combination of a weapon to advance rank in the (Combination) is a mid-range weapon (eg M416) and one for close-range.

However, combinations and choices may vary from player to player and will depend on each individual’s individual game style.

For better results, players can use the M416 with a 6x scope and a mid-range weapon – the DP.

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Always carry grenades, smoke grenades, and molotovs

Players should always carry other items such as Grenades, smoke grenades, and molotovs. When players are moving up the ranks, Smoke Grenades are extremely important and need to be hidden from enemies in open spaces.

Smoke Grenades and Grenades work at the last moment during intense conflict.

Always carry health packs

During rank pushing, players have to stay in the game as much as possible, and therefore, it is clear that players have to avoid unnecessary fights. Players may also be required to recover at the last minute. Therefore, players are advised to carry at least 4 Meditec, 3 pan killers, at least 5 energy drinks, and one adrenaline syringe throughout the game.

Always carry vehicles with you until the end of the game

PUBG Mobile Vehicles play an important role in, whether hiding from enemies or a means of speeding from one place to another. Vehicles are essential for survival.

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Wherever enemy gunshots appear on the map, players can avoid fights and remain less important. It also serves as a cover in the last circle where there is nothing to hide behind.

Do not take part in early fights

The most important factor that determines the increase in rank is the survival period. PUBG Mobile is quite popular and is known for its early drop-off fights.

But players who need to advance up the ranks should always avoid looting from popular-drop sites and then survive to the end to maximize points.

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