Shirou Character Ability and Release Date Full Detail

Shirou character’s ability and release date: Free fire have added many character in the game. These characters have special abilities that affect a specific gameplay area and help players on the virtual battlefield.

Free fire The game currently has 35 characters, including the recently added Shirou and Skyler. The Shirou character was added to Garena Free Fire some time ago but will be made available to players for free on 27 February.

Shirou character for Free in Free Fire know Full Detail

Shirou Character ability

Ability – Damage Delivered (Passive)

When a player hits an opponent within the 80-meter range, Damage Delivered will tag or mark the enemy for 6 seconds at the base level. This tag will only be visible to the player, and the first shot at the marked enemy will enter 50% of the Armor. This capacity has a 35 second colddown.

Capacity is further increased to the maximum level. When leveled, players will be able to deal with 100% additional armor penetration on the first shot at marked enemies. However, Colddown is significantly reduced by 20 seconds.

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Players only log in on February 27, 2021 will be able to get shirou character for free

Follow these steps to get the Shirou character in Free Fire

1 The game should be turned on and the special Cobra interface has to be opened by pressing the icon on the right side of the screen.

2 Then players should tap on ‘Login reward’ option. A dialog box will appear. Players have to press the claim button to get the character.

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