Shirou character for Free in Free Fire know Full Detail

Get Shirou character for Free: Free fire Is a famous Battle Royal game developed and published by Garena for mobile devices. It offers a number of unique characters, gun skins, and pants that sets it apart from other games. The game has many in-game characters, each of which has an incredible ability that helps players on the battlefield.

Free Fire offers around 35 characters, with the latest character Shirou and Skyler. In fact, players will be given Shirou for free.

Full Detail – Shirou character in free fire and Shirou ability 

How to get Shirou character for free on 27 February

Earlier this month, Garena set up a players’ task via an Instagram post and announced that players would receive the new Shirou character at no cost, in this article you can find the shirou’s ability as well.

They will launch the new task on February 27; users can achieve this task within a day; and thys Shirou character Can be collected for free.

So be ready on above mentioned date and time to get your faviourate character.

February Today Free Fire redeem code; New Reward Code For Free Fire

Players will only be able to get Shirou for free by entering between 27 February (04:00) and 28 February (03:59).

To get the Shirou Character For Free  you can follow these steps: –

These asre the simple steps which you need to follow.

1  You can open the game; and participate in it by pressing the special Cobra interface icon on the right.

2 They have to click on ‘Login Rewards’ option.

3 A new pop-up will appear; and gamers have to get it by pressing the reward button.

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Shirou character in Free Fire

Know Shirou Character Ability

Shirou character in Free Fire has a passive in-game capability; called Damage Deliver; which tags enemies within a range of 80 meters when they hit enemies. It is only visible to the player for 6 seconds.

The first shot at the marked enemy penetrates 50% additional armor with a colddown of 35 seconds.

The capacity is further increased as the character level increases. The range and duration remain the same at the highest level, while the penetration of the additional armor increases by 100%; and Colddown decreases by 20 seconds.

The character also has a special bundle named; ‘Hurricane Delivery Set’.

Thats all on Shirou character.

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