Shirou character in free fire and Shirou ability full detail

Shirou character in Free Fire: Free fire One of the famous Battle Royal games is one developed and published by Garena. The game’s developers have included many new aspects such as characters and pets with special skills that help users on the battle field.

Ever since the game’s release, characters have become an important part of the game.

Currently, Free Fire have 35 characters, each of which has a different capability, except ‘Primis’ and ‘Nulla.’

Free Fire adds New characters regularly.

Free Fire OB26 update release date and what are its features?

To test the all-new feature, developers offer an advanced server.

Latest Free Fire OB26 Advance Server is meant for the same.

Free Fire OB26 Advance Server have introduced Shirou character in free fire; also have many new aspects.

 Shirou character’s ability in free fire

The character boasts a passive capacity called ‘Damage Delivered’. At Level 1, when the user hits an enemy within a 50 m radius, it is marked for 3 seconds. The first shot at the marked enemy has 10% additional armor penetration and a 60 second colddown.

At the maximum level, if an enemy shoots the player within 100 meters, it is marked for eight seconds. The first shot at the marked opponent has 100% extra armor penetration, and Colddown’s duration is reduced to 10 seconds.

Like all other characters, Shirou character in free fire has an in-game set called “Hurricane Delivery Set”.

Know about Free Fire Companion website

In Free Fire OB26 Advance Server apart from Shirou character, other features are also added, such as the Glue Wall training mode, a mystery character in MAG 7.

Ability of Shirou will be far more better than other exisiting character.

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