Stem Cell Preservation Benefits : Is Stem Cell Banking Useful in India

Stem Cell Preservation Benefits 2021 : Is Stem Cell Banking Useful in India in 2021 : Are you looking to bank your baby’s cord blood and want a proper guide on it or are you the one who is not familiar with this term yet hold up guys we’re here for increasing your knowledge in this field; today we are going to cover the topic of cord blood awareness month. Before going into labor you have several questions in your mind one of the most important questions is that should I settle myself for taking my baby’s cord blood or not for that we will discuss what the baby’s cord blood is and how it is beneficial for not only you but for many other people Is Stem Cell Banking Useful in India 2021 ?

Stem cell Preservation disadvantages and stem cell Preservation benefits

Public stem cell bank in india

This practice has been for the past several decades and you might have heard of this. The baby’s cord blood is the wasted blood that is left in the baby’ sumbilical cord placenta after the core is detached.

It does not affect the baby in any way; as it is of no use when the baby is born the benefit of cord blood is that it’s high in cells that are beneficial for people who are sick, the people that come under this category of getting the most benefit from this blood are the ones suffering from autism heart birth defects and cerebral palsy to diabetes and parkinson’s disease.

Not only this the cord blood and its tissues can cure up to 80 diseases. So you can measure the importance of this blood.

Now we know what cord blood is

Let’s have a look at cord blood banking

Cord blood banking is a procedure where the extra blood from the baby’s umbilical cord is extracted and stored or frozen banked for the future use of saving people from the disease.

This banking was a part of human science from the 1980s it’s believed that with more learning on this doctors can kill several diseases permanently the third trimester is the time when you should start looking at cord blood banking.

So its very clearly answer your “ Is Stem Cell Banking Useful in India ?” Its Yes it always useful in any country where ever you are. The only thing here is right selection of the bank which matters a lot let see the detail below for the same.

Stem Cell Banking Pros and Cons – Stem cell preservation benefits Vs Stem cell preservation disadvantages.

Lets look into Stem Cell Banking Pros and Cons and the biggest advantages, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ! you’re never ever going to get so many primitive stem cells of such good quality which are not contaminated in at such large numbers.

See now what has happened; several diseases have been treated and in the years to come it’s only going to increase the number is only going to go up, it’s painless, the mother will not even come to know that that cord blood is being collected. It the blood neither belongs to the mother or to the baby so, it’s not like taking away their blood and then storing it. So they’re no losers you’re the only winners in this stem-cell cord banking.

Along with that I feel, that it’s some kind of security which you’re offering to your child it’s like buying medical insurance always hoping and praying that we never use it, but when we need it.

It’s always there for us a lot of you can use it for the child itself because the HLA matching is absolutely its own blood. You can always use it for your child the siblings may also have an HLA match so you can use it for the siblings that subsequently follow, so I feel that it’s only benefiting us.

Here I can say we should go with stem cell banking because they’re more advanced advantages that we can think of rather than any disadvantages.

In short we can say that if we look at Stem Cell Banking Pros and Cons there is no disadvantage of Stem Cell Banking.

Hope now the points on Stem cell preservation benefits Vs Stem cell preservation disadvantages and Stem Cell Banking Pros and Cons is clear.

How to choose the right stem cell bank ?

Yes in today’s world we are seeing many companies come up with their own stem cell banking, but yes as a parent I looked at a few factors which are very important because it’s a lifetime decision of storing these cells which has to be carried on by the next generation. So hence, I would look at a few factors which you too should consider.

Important factor which you consider for selection of Stem cell bank to get Stem Cell Preservation Benefits

  1. Stem cell bank should have a good accreditation with a world-class level.
  2. The storage facilities and the banking facilities, preferably you could to have a personal visit like how.
  3. I had you could go and see and take pointers from other parents who have stored; they’re giving you more experience and you know more information before you make your decisions.
  4. And next of all it is also important to see how much they’re associated with today’s medical world, how much of research activities and how much of connections do they have with the entire world in terms of this highly expanding field of medicine
  5. So these things will help you to see what is the future for this in the real world and last of all yes this stem cell bank should play a very dominant role in today’s society in terms of goodwill, trust friendship, easy accessibility on net otherwise the personnel being very friendly and talking to you in in the most you know endearing of times that is your pregnancy and delivery.
  6. So all these things put together make the stem cell banks really work and putting in your efforts into it and your child’s future into it.

Government stem cell banking in india Vs Pvt stem cell banking in india

The ones who are willing to store their baby’s cord blood safely and securely within the baby’s umbilical cord have two options for banking the blood one is a public cord blood bank and the second is a private cord blood bank just like in ecbb public cord banking is free of cost and comes with many benefits for the family, but the flaw of public banking is that you don’t have any authority left over your own baby’s blood once you have donated your cord blood.

You have donated your authority from it as well this can be dangerous for instance if your family is in urgent need of the blood or the baby itself needs the blood then unfortunately there’s no guarantee that you can claim your ownership over it.
In comparison to this the private banking of your cord blood allows you to have full authority even if you store and preserve your blood in a bank the demand they have is that you pay them for storing it.

You will get full authority and can get it immediately, whenever you stand in need of it now the main question is that how was it first noticed as a treatment by the doctors.

The first child that was treated with the cord blood in 1988 was a five-year-old kid with fun coney anemia a rare blood disorder unfortunately his family could not find a matching donor the good thing that happened was that when his mother got pregnant and they got the perfect match after receiving treatment for 30 years the boy is healthy and fit this treatment gave a spark to the awareness among doctors of the benefits of cord blood since then over 40 million patients have been saved with this treatment and still the blood is used to find more cures for the incurable diseases.

This awareness month has saved millions of families from horrible diseases and that’s why a whole month is dedicated to this campaign moreover we can see the future of medicine growing rapidly with umbilical cord blood regenerative medicine is an exciting way of regrowing the gone cells and stems with the umbilical cord blood the new medicine is going to be made in the future that will help in fighting all those diseases that are life-threatening some of the diseases that scientists are looking forward to curing with this medicine are autism brain injury burns stroke arthritis crohn’s disease heart attack liver disease diabetes spinal cord injuries lung disease hearing loss bone fractures and many more now as you have understood and watched the benefits of this treatment.

So we answer few points for the question Is Stem Cell Banking Useful in India? Here you might have got yhe answer What are the stem cell preservation benefits?

Top 10 stem cell companies in the world ?

1. Sangamo Therapeutics    –    7000 Marina Blvd 7000 Marina Blvd, Brisbane, CA 94005, USA

2. Vericel       – Vericel Corporation 64 Sidney Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

3. Athersys   –  Athersys, Inc. 3201 Carnegie Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115

4. BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics  – 1325 Avenue of Americas, 28th Floor New York City, NY 10019

5. Cellular Biomedicine Group – 9605 Medical Center Drive, Suite 100, Rockville, Maryland 20850

6. Pluristem Therapeutics – MATAM Advanced Technology Park Building #5 Haifa 3508409, Israel

7. Gamida – 673 Boylston Street, 4th Floor Boston, MA 02116- Phone: 617-8929080

8. VistaGen Therapeutics – VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. 343 Allerton Avenue South San Francisco,                                                                                      CA 94080

9. Caladrius Biosciences –   110 Allen Road, 2nd Floor Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

10. ThermoGenesis Holdings  –  2711 Citrus Rd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Above mentioned are the Top 10 stem cell companies in the world.

Top 10 Stem Cell Bank in India

Lets see top 10 best stem cell banking in India

1. Lifecell international pvt ltd. – Based at Gurugram (Haryana) – lifecell international pvt ltd is a most trustable brand for stem cell banking in India.

2. Reliance Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. – Reliance stem cell banking cost in india is very competitive and we will share the same in below post.

3. Ree Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (ReeLabs)

4. CryoViva Biotech India Pvt. Ltd. – offer services for umbilical cord blood stem cells

CryoViva Biotech India Pvt Ltd. – stem cell ban current headquarter Gurugram, India

5. Cryobanks International India Pvt. Ltd.

Cryobanks International is Pvt. Ltd stem cell bank.  Based at Gurugram, Haryana

6. Unistem BioSciences Pvt. Ltd. – Operation started in 2014.

Unistem BioSciences Pvt. Ltd operate from Gurugaram Haryana as stem cell bank.

7. Totipotentrx Cell Therapy Pvt. Ltd.

Well Known privateely held firm Totipotentrx Cell Therapy Private Limited is a leading stem cell bank.

8.Cord Life Sciences India Pvt. Ltd. – Its having largest network in Asia and well known for umbilical cord blood banks. It has a operation in 8 countries so far. And in India, Cord Life Sciences India Pvt. Ltd is operational in 200 cities . Well established and well known and leading stem cell bank in India

9. Narayana Hrudayalaya Tissue Bank & Stem Cells Research Centre – NHTBSCRC – Established in 2009. It offer affordable stem cell banking cost in india.  It also work toward bringing awareness and spread Stem Cell Banking Pros and Cons – Stem cell preservation benefits Vs Stem cell preservation disadvantages etc.

10. CryoSave (India) Pvt. Ltd. It was founded in year 2000. CryoSave (India) Pvt. Ltd is well known for offering umbilical cord stem cell preservation. It’s a well known and trusted brand in India.

Reliance stem cell banking cost in india,  Stem cell preservation cost in kolkata what ever questions you have in mind to get clarity on this scroll down to find out the more.

Lets review stem cell preservation cost in india for all major stem cell banking companies.

  • Lifecell international pvt ltd, Lab – With Dual site facility Chennai and Gurugram, No of therapies – 61, Intial Cost – Approx 20000Rs. Long term charges – 4000Rs / Annum
  • Reliance stem cell banking cost in india, Reliance Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Lab Reliance Life Sciences, Mumbai. Latest Charges is 26000Rs and annual charges – 6000Rs per annum

Stem cell banking charges in Kolkata, Mumbai.

  1. Cordlife India Cordlife India, Kolkata. INR 45,750, 21 years included

2. Cryoviva India, Cryoviva India, Gurgaon Haryana.Rs50,000, 21 years included

3. Biocell Babycell, Biocell Babycell Mumbai Rs 79,000, 21 years included

4. CordCare India PathCare Labs, Hyderabad, India Rs. 65,000, 21 years included

5. Cryo Stemcell Cryo Stemcell, Cryo Stemcell Cryo Stemcell Bangalore, Rs. 25,000, INR 3000/yr

6. Indu Stem Cell Bank, Indu Voluntary Blood Bank, Gujarat, India

7. NovaCord Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon DCGI

8. ReeLabs ReeLabs, Mumbai Rs 75,000, 21 years included.

9. StemCyte India , StemCyte India in Apollo Hospital Campus, Gujarat. Rs 75,000, Includes tissue 21 years.

Above mentioned is stem cell preservation cost in india for all major stem cell banking companies including the reliance stem cell banking cost in india. In above post we have covered government stem cell banking in india as well.

Hope all your doubts like stem cell preservation cost in india, stem cell banking pros and cons, is stem cell banking useful in india, top 10 stem cell companies in the world, top 10 stem cell bank in india, stem cell preservation benefits, stem cell preservation disadvantages, stem cell preservation cost in kolkata, best stem cell banking in india, stem cell banking cost in india, lifecell international pvt ltd address, cost, all points have been briefly covered in above post, please do share how you like the article “Is Stem Cell Banking Useful in India ?What are the stem cell preservation benefits.

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