How to Get Swordsman Legends SVD Gun Skin in Free Fire?


Swordsman Legends SVD Gun Skin: Free fire Mobile Battle is one of the Royal games. In which the developers regularly add many new features; events and updates that give the game a fresh look and make it popular.

The title also offers a variety of game items and costumes such as weapon skins, characters, etc., which can be purchased from in-game stores by spending a certain amount of diamonds.

Swordsman Legends SVD Gun Skin One for legendary weapon skin is. This is a very rare and other item that was recently added to the game.

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How to get Swordsman Legends SVD gun skin in Free Fire?

It is very clear that players need diamonds to buy this skin from the store.

Therefore, before purchasing it, they should ensure that sufficient diamonds are available in their free fire account.

To get Swordsman Legends SVD Skin; players need to follow these steps: –

1 Players needs to be playe The game Free fire and wait for the default loading screen to be on.

 2 Players have to go to the ‘Store’ option on the left corner of the screen.

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 3 They have to tap on the ‘Armory’ tab at the top right corner, and a new weapon skin menu will appear.

 4 User should Tap on the Swordsman Legends SVD gun skin tab and press the ‘Purchase’ button at the bottom.

 5 A confirmation message will ask the players to confirm the purchase.

 6 As soon as players buy skin from ‘Diamonds’ they will get a Weapon Loot Crate coupon.

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7 They can then use the coupon to open the legendary Swordsman Legends SVD skin to see if they get the skin permanently or for a limited time.

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