Guess Who is the Top Best poison Pokemon of Kanto?


Top Best poison Pokemon of Kanto: Pokemon Some great Pokemon were added to the Kanto region when it comes to Poison-type Pokemon. Many of them to this day are still considered some of the most popular Poison-type Pokemon.

Pokemon The K generation did not have a Poison option. But the available games became staples in anime. The mix of those aspects has made some Pokémon very popular in the list of Poison-type Pokemon, regardless of their power. Know those popular Poison-type pokemon about. 

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Popular Poison Pokemon from Kanto


some Poison pokemon All are of dual types. Nidoking has a ground and poison. There are two types of Pokemon. Male nidoking and female Nidoqueen are similar in appearance and are the third forms of their respective Pokemon.

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Nidoran is the first form of nidoking, and can be found quite early in Kanto. It was always one of the cooler looking Pokémon in Generation 1. It is also a reliable addition to the team.


Gengar most popular poisoned in Kanto Pokemon , But Venusaur overtook it due to the status as the starter’s final form. The Kanto debut will always be some of the most iconic Pokémon in the franchise, and the final appearance of Bulbasaur is difficult to beat.


For Ghosted Pokémon, Gengar has long been the poster child of the category, and is a fan favorite Pokémon in the Kanto region and in general.

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Although it may be more associated with ghosted Pokémon, it is still in a dual variant with a poison, and its beauty has made it as popular as it is today, especially with a mega form.


Beedrill not only belong to a poisoned Pokemon generation. Rather it is a great pick. It serves as one of the cooler bug-types. It develops from Weed and Kakuna, both players being incredibly weak.

However, once developed, Beedrill is a useful Pokemon that fears a lot more than its previous forms.

Beadrill is popular due to adding mega forms to Bead-like Pokémon. It looks interesting and is a powerful pokemon.


Arbok, or the very cobra Pokémon on the nose, extends backwards. Another great poison for Pokémon is Pokémon. The Purple King develops from the cobra achene, which is also on the snake of the nose.

Arbok is a decent Pokémon on a team as it is a pure poisoned Pokémon. Another aspect that solidified his popularity was his role in Enemy – eventually developing Ekon into Ekbon, due to several collaborators Arbok Jessie with Team Rocket.

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