Willful Wonders event : Get Free Diamonds from willful wonders event

Willful Wonders event : Get Free Diamonds from willful wonders event : ‘Willful Wonders’ Recently included the event in Free Fire. This event, which will run from 8 March to 21 March, will provide Free Fire Diamonds at no cost to the players.

Generally; the players need to spend real cash to get Free fire diamonds.  But spending money on virtual currency is not a possible option for everyone; so players often look for options such as in-game events and contests to get diamonds for free.

Get free diamonds through the Willful Wonders event

Players’Willful wondersBooyah via ‘Event !!!! At any cost by uploading the clip to Free fire diamonds There is a chance to receive.

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Upload your best moments with Free Fire Elite Pass. Ten clips will be selected as app winners, and players who make them will be rewarded with Free Fire Diamonds.

How to Participate in Willful Wonders Event ?

Players need to follow the steps given below to get the diamond from the Willful Wonders Event

1. Players must first tap on the calendar icon on the right side of the lobby screen.

2.  They can then navigate through the NEWS tab and hit the Willful Wonders Event button.

3 After that; players should: press the GO TO button. BOOYAH them !!! Will be sent to the app.

Players can upload their own clips to participate in this event.

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