How to Play Solo Victory Cup Fortnite?

Hi! friends if you are looking for How to Play Solo Victory Cup Fortnite ? You are on the right page! Here am going to provide valuable tips for winning the solo victory cash cup, a popular topic among Fortnite players. Scroll down and read the entire post on how to play in solo victory cup?

If you want to know how to maximize your chances of making it to finals, am going to reveal the secret here. Lets scroll down and read how to play solo victory cup Fortnite this season?

How to maximize your chances of making it to finals of Solo Victory Cup?

Imagine you’re in the solo victory cashook Qualifiers and it’s your last game and all you need to do is win the game to make finals. But you have one problem, you have 75 hp, no shields and really bad loot in the Midgate and you’re located here where you going to go to get loot. If you said Dusty Divo or Salty Springs, you have made a massive mistake. Here is why in midgame when you’re scuffed on loop rotating into a POI is the same four most players will have.

So if you’re not in the position to fight. Looking for extra loot at a PR, you’re most likely going to run into opponent and end up in a fight. Instead, you should look to rotate to dead side of the zone and look for houses or smaller areas to get your loot. And this is just one of the many tips in this post because the Solo Victory Cash Cup is the easiest Fortnite tournament in the world to make money today, I’m going to expose all the secret pros are not telling you on how they’re able to qualify every single week.

How to qualify in two good games solo victory?

Let’s say I win a game with five kills, I have 35 points. Then let’s say I get second place with no kills. That’s literally 60 points from two gains, and you pretty much knew enough qualified.

That’s seriously how easy it is to qualify this season. You don’t need to drop 30 kill games, you don’t need to kill the whole lobby you can take smart fights back off, go for 510 kill win.

The biggest mistake most players are making this season in Solo Victory Cup Fortnite

When it comes to picking a spot, make sure you select a spot that you really lie and make sure it has a lot of chess.

The biggest mistake most players are making this season is picking to land at two random houses or gas station and only playing for twos or three chess Off sport, especially with a low shield rate. You need to be landing a spot that has at least seven or eight chess minimum. If you want to maximize your chances are getting good loot so you can make endgame.

The importance of training your closed range aim in Fortnite

Now it is more important than ever before to train your closed range aim in Fortnite. So if you’re not doing at least five to ten minutes minimum of aim training, then you’re making your qualification 100 times harder for yourself.

As soon as you start aim training in game something like Martos’ Turtle Wars or some sort of like Pump Edit, one-shot type map or whatever you play, 5 to 10 minutes practicing is going to make a massive difference to your game and how easy it is for you to qualify in Solo Victory Cup Fortnite.

Know more about upcoming season

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Hope now you know how to play solo victory cup Fortnite this season and be a winner!