How to Start a New Game Plus God of War Ragnarok and What are the Features?

Hi! Welcome to days post! today we are going to share the complete features of New Game Plus God of War Ragnarok and how to play it. Scroll down for the New Game Plus the God of War Ragnarok update. Now the new game + god of War Ragnarok release date is declared by the company

Here we will share the detail of the following details.

  1. New Game Plus God of War Ragnarok New Armor sets.
  2. God of War Ragnarok’s new game plus trophies.
  3. Which one is the best armor?
  4. What is new in Zeus’ armor in the game?
  5. How to get Zeus’ armor in God of War?
  6. First, we will discuss how to start a New Game Plus God of War Ragnarok.

The wait and search for the release date of The God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus (NG+) update is finished now! the updates are rolled out by the company.

God of War Ragnarök’s NG+ mode will offer you new equipment, an increased level cap, and new enchantments. Scroll down and read further to clear all your queries here.

How to start a New Game Plus God of War Ragnarok?

If you wish to start a New Game Plus in God of War Ragnarok, the first step is to complete the main story. Once you have done so, you can initiate a New Game Plus from the main menu. After selecting “New Game Plus,” choose the save file you want to use and select the difficulty level and any other options you want to modify.

From there, the game will begin anew, but with all the weapons, armor, and abilities you obtained in your previous playthrough, as well as new equipment and items not available in your first playthrough. It is important to note that the New Game Plus mode may contain different story elements and puzzles, so be ready for new challenges and surprises.

Furthermore, some trophies and achievements can only be unlocked in New Game Plus mode, making it a fantastic way to challenge yourself and experience the game in a new light.

List of New Game Plus God of War Ragnarok New Armor sets, Shield, and New Equipment.

The list is provided below.

  1. Spartan Armor
  2. Ares Armor
  3. Zeus Armor
  4. Spartan Aspis – New Shield.
  5. New Equipment – Armor of the Black Bear

Armor Of The Black Bear The New Equipment in Game Play

Feature Of Armor of the Black Bear:

  1. It will keep Kratos bundled up against the Fimbulwinter frost.
  2. After the sled chase as well this Kratos will be available.
  3. The main focus is on Strength and Defense.
  4. Gamers will get rewards in their last-second evades with a volley of Bifröst shards.
  5. NG+ run will start with the Armor of the Black Bear.

Spartan Armor

If you want a serious challenge in God of War Ragnarök, go for the Spartan Armor. It has no Perk, no Stats, and is locked at Power Level 1, giving you minimal protection. But if you’re brave enough to take on Ragnarök with a spartan approach, this armor set is perfect for you.

If you prefer the Spartan General look without the challenge, you can always transmog this armor onto another set. You can buy the Spartan Armor for Hacksilver at Huldra Brothers’ Shop.

Ares Armor

You can get the Ares and Zeus armors in God of War Ragnarok, which were already in the previous game’s New Game Plus. The Ares Armor has some cool new bonuses – it can randomly drop a Health Stone when you hit an enemy, and when you smash the Health Stone, you’ll gain rage and see a bigger explosion. You can buy the Ares Armor for Hacksilver at the Huldra Brothers’ Shop.

Zeus Armor

The Zeus Armor gives you a powerful fighting style but also makes you take more damage from enemies. It boosts your Melee and Runic damage, but one hit could take you down. You need to be careful and aware of your enemies positions. To get the Zeus Armor in God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus, you must beat the Valkyrie Queen Gná and finish specific Remnants of Asgard.

Features of the New Shield Spartan Aspis and How you can get this?

Kratos’ heritage is honored with the return of the Spartan Aspis shield in God of War Ragnarök. It’s like the Guardian Shield but harder to use for Parrying attacks, but if you manage to successfully Parry, you’ll cause more damage. You can buy the Spartan Aspis shield with Hacksilver at Huldra Brothers’ Shop.

What is New Level Cap in the Game Play?

The new caps are listed below.

  • NG+ mode increases the level cap of both Kratos and enemies.
  • You can upgrade your Level 9 equipment (armor, weapons, weapon components, and shields) into new ‘Plus’ versions for additional progression.
  • Converting your equipment also gives you a Gilded Coin to purchase new Enchantments from the shop.
  • The shop now allows you to purchase and sell resources incrementally for easier upgrading of equipment.

What are the New Enchantments in the New Game Plus God of War Ragnarok?

The new enchantments in the gameplay are listed below, which you will surely like.

Enchantments in Gilded Coins
  1. New Enchantments available in the shop can solve your problem of choosing a favorite Perk in armor choice.
  2. Enchantments take powerful and versatile perks from Armor and Shield Rönds and can be equipped in your Amulet.
  3. For example, the Dragon Engraving has the Dragon Scaled Breastplate Perk, Dragon’s Fury, which grants a stacking buff for Blocks and Parries.
  4. You can combine two different chest armor perks by equipping the Dragon Engraving in your Amulet while wearing a different chest piece like the Cuirass of Ares.
  5. The most powerful enchantments require certain Stat thresholds to be met to encourage and reward you for creating clever builds.
  6. With so many new options available, the combinations you create are awaited to be seen.
Stat Boost Enchantments for Berserker Soul Drops
  • Defeating the Berserker Souls on NG+ will give you new Enchantments to equip.
  • These Enchantments won’t be as flashy as the Perk Enchantments, but they will provide big boosts to specific stats.
  • You can use these Enchantments to strengthen the build you prefer the most.
The new Set of Enchantments- Burdens
  • Burdens are a new type of Enchantments in God of War Ragnarok.
  • They allow you to equip negative Perks for a more challenging gameplay experience.
  • The Burden of Evasion, for instance, will apply the Frost status effect on Kratos when he rolls.
  • Burdens can be combined with the Spartan Armor for an exceptionally brutal experience.
  • A new UI option called Show Difficulty displays the current difficulty setting and the number of Burdens equipped on the HUD.
  • Burdens can be purchased at the Huldra Brothers’ Shop using Hacksilver.

What is New Skill Mod Plus in the New Game Plus God of War Ragnarok?

You can use experience points (XP) to make your favorite Skill Mod tokens even more powerful. By upgrading them, you can increase their effectiveness and make them more valuable for your character or gameplay. This allows you to improve your skills and abilities in the game or virtual world you are playing in, making you more competitive and successful.

What are Platinum Tier Labors in the New Game Plus mode in God of War Ragnarok?

One can transfer your progress from your previous Kill Labors or Ratatasks to unlock a new set of rewards in the Platinum Tier. This new tier of rewards will offer you additional benefits and bonuses for completing more tasks or challenges in the game. So, by carrying over your progress, you can continue to earn new rewards and enhance your gaming experience.

Additional Stat Gains are also one of the features of the N+ God of War Ragnarok.

Is there any change in Niflheim Arena?

The changes in the arena are mentioned below.

  • The Sparring Arena in Niflheim in NG+ offers new options for players to enjoy.
  • New enemies are available for players to face off against.
  • Players can now choose to play as either Kratos or Atreus in the Sparring Arena.
  • A selection of companion characters is available to fight beside the player, including Atreus.(with Kratos), Freya, Brok, Sindri, Angrboda, Ingrid, Thor, and Thrúd.
  • Any combination of companions can be selected to fight with the player, allowing for creative gameplay possibilities.
  • The new options in the Sparring Arena also provide opportunities for players to capture unique moments in Photo Mode.

Other Thrill in the Game

Scroll down and read the below points to know more about the New Game Plus God of War Ragnarok.

  • The toughest optional fights in NG+ have been updated to add new challenges, even if you’ve beaten them before.
  • The Hateful and the Ormstunga, two optional mini-bosses, have new tricks up their sleeves.
  • Playing on Give Me No Mercy or Give Me God of War difficulties will give all bosses and mini-bosses Runic Armor.
  • Using strategic Runic attacks can make a big difference in these difficult fights.
  • In NG+, enemies can now turn elite on Give Me No Mercy difficulty, not just Give Me God of War.
  • Elite enemies will be more powerful, so keep a special eye on them during combat.

What is Black and White Render Mode in GamePlay?

  • Players can experience the story again in a more cinematic style with a new Black and White Render Mode.
  • The mode is accessible after beating the game once.
  • Players can use the mode in subsequent NG+ or standard New Game saves.
  • To access the mode, players can go to the Graphics & Camera settings menu.

The benefit of skip cinematics mode

When playing the story again in NG+, players have the choice to skip the cinematics or cutscenes if they wish to. This allows players to move through the game at their own pace and focuses on gameplay, rather than watching story segments they have already seen before. By skipping cinematics, players can save time and dive straight into the action.

Watch the Video For More Information

Video Credit: PlayStation Access Youtube Channel

So, what are you waiting for? Start the gameplay and enjoy the New Game Plus God of War Ragnarok.

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